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Please don't use spray on chandelier cleaners on antique chandeliers. These sprays can damage the metal parts and can leave a film that attracts dust. If you have a beautiful eighteenth/nineteenth century chandelier it is worth taking proper care of it and cleaning by hand, it's not something that has to be done frequently. The post does not mention electrical safety - perhaps it is obvious - but If you are using a spray on an electrical chandelier be sure to turn off the electricity to the fitting (ideally at the mains board) and don't get spray on the electrical connections (which may mean taking out the lamps and 'plugging' or covering the light fittings). Something more waterproof than a towel is advisable to protect the floor.

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BH is right. I ruined the electrical wiring on an Italian crystal chandelier once after spraying it with a cleaner that let the dust drip off. After it was rewired, I learned this trick: put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spray each element (in my case the crystals) one at a time and use a soft cloth or paper towel to wipe dry. It takes time and a ladder, but the alcohol dries so quickly it won't ruin your chandelier - and you only have to do it once or twice a year, depending on climate.

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I discovered a can of the compressed air works great on the delicate items like figurines or fine china. A light touch and the dirt that settles in the grooves come out. Then I can use a dust cloth around the area.

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