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Nice - and not. There we seen some solutions. But what to do when you hate it?

I mean - I really hate recycling. I don't much care about nature preserving > when my body hurts like it does. Seriously, it hurts to stand in front of a sink to wash some stupid old used glass jar for to put in recycling. I can not carry much and I do not have energy to start making several trips to where ever that trash needs to be taken (here for example, in the current place, its two blocks away). Recently some of my stuff arrived here in boxes as I am moving from my old country to my man's - and I could not physically rip those boxes small enough my self.

I suspect we will not have a lot of extra space in the new apartment either to make some 'station'. I don't have that nagging bone in me to order others around - so spare me smarts about telling my man to do it. That wont remove the problem - as in telling me to tell someone else to do. I need to be able to do at least that much my self.

There is and likely still will be, even in the larger place, no space to have several containers. I wont have any kitchen trash can inside something that is a built in structure cause one day I would need to bend under things to clean the space. There is no physical ability to deal with separating bag from container that is somewhere inside and under something near the level of the floor (when the dammed container will likely follow the bag) - or for that matter any will to make many travels outside. It really is a physical issue that too. I do not have a car. I do not have a fireplace to burn it all.

I know it is the law to do. A home will make trash every day. But its not a solution for me to separate one type of trash from other. It is annoyance just to do, yes - but that part of it aside - it also is a lot of extra steps for me. I can not eliminate the distance - so how the hell will I get that crap out from here with out having to separate it and still separating it?

(I hope you understood that - I really want to find a way to drag it all out at the same time and be done with it - without having to carry several bags. Also I would appreciate a way to not have to have a lot of containers to deal with and clean.)

That basket with wheels is closest thing to a solution. Just a rope tied to that and drag it down the road? Seriously - it would stop to the stairs.
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Connie Calhoon_Taylor

I do hear you. My garbage pick up company charges to take it away. That really bugged me, I do all the steps and then also get an extra charge. So far awhile I stopped garbage pick up and took stuff myself to the dump and recycling center. It stacks up, gets ugly and then I finally borrow a vehicle to take it away. There has to be an easier way. I love Amazon, but all the damn cardboard was ridiculous. However, I was brought up recycling and it's a must for me. I cringe when I see my friend through the wine bottle in the garbage. YIKES.

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Tyriga - How about a pull-out bin under your sink or in a nearby cabinet? You can get one for about $100 or less, with multiple bins on a pull-out stand (you can put a trash bag in it, so no scrubbing), so everything is right there at the sink where you need it. Then when it's full, let hubby run it out to bigger bins in the garage or outside. Recycling is the right thing to do, not just for us, but for our kids and grandkids. Americans are very selfish. Time to start thinking about others, not just yourself. And I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis for the last 17 years, and I'm in pain all the time too, so don't say I don't understand what you're living with. Seriously, how truly painful is it to rinse out a jar or bottle while you're doing dishes, and throw it in a bin under the sink? Sorry, all your excuses are not good enough.


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