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Gail Kirk

I want to hang our tv between to windows. My husband thinks its a bad idea to put it on an outside wall. Is he all wet?

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Hello Gail,

in general, it should be no problem to hang a TV between windows, just make sure that you have good shading to avoid glare and keep in mind that outside-wall wiring might be more difficult if you plan to run it inside the wall. Another aspect to consider is the traffic flow in your room and how your set up will influence that. Feel free to contact us if you need further help.

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Deborah lippitt

your husband is all wet..My dad had a small cable co. and always wired new hoses so they tv would be on the outside glare!(that is with old tv's too) I tride our flat screen around several places and always came back to the outside walls because of too much glare on the interior walls. We have lots of windows. It splits my focal point in the room but the glare made watching difficult. Try different places first and you will see what I mean.


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