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I see lots of kitchen photos where it looks like the kitchen has never been used. But I do NOT see a lot of kitchen photos where the only refrigeration is a mini fridge hidden in an adjacent room and there is only a microwave, no cooktop or oven. I think many of the photos in this article are the office version of kitchenettes. Perfect for some people, but not what people who are "serious" about their offices would use. If your home office consists of a floating desk with an open bottom, then your home office needs are really no more than a private room with a table and chair.

For those of us with multiple monitors, printers, shredders, file cabinets, televisions, textbooks, stacks of white papers with notes scribbled on them, and lists (or those with fabric samples, inventory, shipping materials, etc.), these offices are the equivalent of Gwyneth Paltrow telling us we should only eat organic vegetables grown on the moon and watered with fairy tears. Not the real world.

Nothing wrong with this article - it is what it is - a compilation of the most saved photos. Obviously they appeal to a lot of people. But maybe there is appetite for a different article. One that shows how you can organize a tech or storage heavy office. There are a lot of issues brought up in the comments here that could be addressed, but one I haven't seen so far is the home office for corporate employees. I can't just pick out any wireless piece of equipment I want. I use what they give me. That includes a laptop, docking station, several monitors, printer, and shredder. Another is the standing desk or ball chair - items that appeal to those of us whose jobs are coding, reading, analyzing. We do it hunched over and for hours straight.
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Amen, a real home office can be a work horse, while still being beautiful.


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