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I could write my own article about some of these guys...maybe two. I happen to be involved in some area of construction since I was a child, so more knowledgeable than many on the details. One fence installer told me that there was no possible way to have a fence level and plumb. So, I showed him how to do it. He insisted I was crazy and demanded money. I told him when my fence was level and plumb and at the correct height. I contracted for 6' around my pool. He gave me 4'6". Not even code. I can't post all of the expletives that he threw at me, but I'll tell you one thing....I didn't pay him.

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I was called in by a client as a favor to finish a job another contractor started and said he was done - "I never do my own clean up - I didn't say I'd do this and that." I found one of their titanium hammers in the pile o debris - mine now. Apparently they do not own a framing square - off 3/4" in 2 ft. As I was putting the railings on I had time to think about the job. It was a 2x4 wall but with a 12 ft clg - commercial space. they did not pull a permit. They cut out the stair well from the second floor - loaded the floor onto the wall which is now held up by the first floor (overloading the first floor joists) then it occurred to me given their incompetence there is probably not support in the basement under the first floor wall - get to look at that tomorrow.

When things go wrong they go wrong at the worst time - floor loaded up with heavy stuff and lots of people. Told her we nay be putting off her exterior residential project til i get this resolved (it is getting cold and I only do this three or four hours a day on a good day). Also got the very unfun task of calling building inspector to ask what the procedure was to remedy these things without telling him who the client was.

"While you're at it.... could you fix all the crap the guy did that made the good money?" I am not looking forward to opening up the wall.

When I "retire" I am writing a book about this and many other things from my career - I've been writing them down for over twenty five years.

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Blue Wren

Rather than coming up with an idea and simply handing it over to the tradies to work it out people would be better off saying: I'm thinking about "x". Can you tell me what would be involved and the likely cost to achieve that? Once you hear all the things that would need to be done and the tradies involved you'd have a better idea of why the cost is what it is. Fewer misunderstandings between builder and client and a more realistic assessment of costs involved.


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