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If you have good quality cabinets and either know what your are doing or have them done professionally it is hard to tell the difference between a factory finished cabinet and a (spray) painted cabinet.

For a high end spray job you need to take off all the hardware and doors. Mask walls, floors, ceiling and whatever is in the way. Fix all the imperfections and dents. Multiple layers of paint with sanding in between. High quality paint, which is not cheap. I recently refinished my dining table and used Fine Paints of Europe. I think a quart was around $50 or a little more.

We have a shop in town that refinishes second hand MCM furniture. I have watched them in their spray booth. After they are done you can't tell that the piece isn't "new". They achieve a high durable finish with no imperfections showing.

The problem is that quality refacing or repainting cabinets will not come cheap.

And after you painted your kitchen the rest may look out of date, too. Now you opened Pandora's box with no end in sight :-(

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REVANSY Home Design
Very interesting tips !
I think the most important thing is good lighting for the first impression.
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Randy Bradford

Laura, I liked reading through your tip about shutting down and password protecting all your computers and devices when moving. My sister recently moved and this might have been a good tip for her to know about. It also might be good to search for a moving company that has a good reputation so you can have better piece of mind that your stuff is being taken care of.

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