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BTW goodbetterbest...there were 6 deer in my backyard this a.m.! There were two mama deer and 4 young ones and they were having a big time running, jumping and playing with each other. I need this on video because they come often...I just do not want to frighten them...want them to feel safe to play and rest in my yard.
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Love that "Total stoner" comment! I guess because I grew up with a LOT of animals and have done wild animal rescue/rehab for 40 years now I forget that a LOT of people have no clue when it comes to ID'ing nature!

My son in law----bless his heart!!!!---was an Army Brat and moved often and somehow managed to MISS every single wild thing in Hawaii; Arizona and Vermont. Plus more that I can't remember! One day he came running into the house screaming--You have to come! There is a WOUNDED OTTER in the back yard! Um---well--perhaps. We don't live on a lake and altho I have seen otters on lakes not that far away I highly doubted that one made the overland trip to the top of our mountain. So I went outside and said--Um--Play again!-- NOT an otter! So he says-Maybe it's a BEAVER!!!! Are you sensing a trend here?

What it WAS was a dazed and confused WOODCHUCK (groundhog) who had been grazed by a passing car and managed to get to the back yard where hhis burrow was but got scared by a large and hungry dog. We managed to get the dog on a tie out (not before it tangled itself around my daughters leg leaving a scar she will have forever! and then we scooped the poor lil guy up in a cage and put it in our shed for a few hours. Later on it seemed much improved and we let it go back to it's burrow.

And years ago we lived on an actual lake We had a dog who lived in a kennel with a tie out and he would often bark at random animals making their way down to the lake at night--deer; fox; possums--you haven't lived til you have had a possum make his home on your porch! (I love possums!) and the like. One day we moved his kennel and tie out so he could be closer to a nice shady tree. Little did we know---Later on that night we were woken up by the BIGGEST dog racket ever. We ended up having to go out side and bring the dog in--the dog did not like being in the house so we had to put him in the possums porch---

In the AM we heard a bunch of voices--extremely unusual for our rural location. We looked out the window to see several of our neighbors standing in the road staring at--our tree. Well it WAS a nice tree but--nothing THAT special! So we went out and discovered that during the night the dog had managed to chase a FISHER CAT up the tree where it was clinging to the topmost twigs and making a racket of it's own! These are actually pretty large--bigger by a good deal than a raccoon---and it was quite visible.

WE spent the entire day guarding that tree and listening to the dog and the fisher whine and growl. Everyone and his brother wanted to come and "Take care of the varmint fer ya little lady!"--Um no thanks!

We kept the dog in and the next AM the fisher was gone. Best we can figure is--every night the fisher would come down for water and feeding. And he KNEW to the mm how close he could get to that dog! Imagine is shock when he was ambling along and all of a sudden the dog was RIGHT THERE where no dog had ever been before!

And yes fishers DO sound like babies crying or a woman screaming.
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Anton Zwiegelaar
Wonderful animals, i love all animals and always looking for ideas to create a beautiful home for them, here is some of my 4 legged children. first Laddie "the Boss", Lulu "apple thief" and Biltong the "steenbokkie". also two of my friends lions (2 weeks old)

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