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James McInnis

Your ficus wasn't dead. Weeping fig (Ficus benjamina) is sensitive to changes in lighting. (It's inevitable that the lighting in your house was different from the shop where you bought it.) Ficus responds to the change by dropping its leaves. Just wait and it will leaf out again in a week or so.

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Haha! I laughed with you, not at you when I read this article. For our first house, we decided to cover the bottom half of our master bedroom wall with fabric rather than paint it. WHY??? Because we thought we had great taste when we didn't. And don't even get me started on the half fake brick wall in our living room with mirrors above. What were we thinking? We weren't. Every time I think about redoing something almost 40 years later, I always ask myself if what I am about to do will look ANYTHING like the mistakes I made in my first house.

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2 things: When my children were very small I allowed myself to be talked into a white wool Berber carpet in the study. The installer said ; " Wool is very durable. It lasts forever. You will never have to replace it." Almost immediately the 3 year old got in there with an orange marker. He did not say that it was stain resistant or easily cleaned because it isn't. In another house I had a white tile floor installed in the kitchen. I don't like dark rooms and it does lighten things up. However when the installer asked what color grout I wanted I insisted upon white. To his credit he really tried hard to talk me into a darker gray grout. I refused to listen. It looked white for about 2 weeks and I have struggled ever since with steam cleaners, grout cleaning solutions, grout painting kits, Oxyclean, name it. I have finally realized that basically that white grout has turned gray on its own and I should just be happy about it.


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