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Howard Custom Builders/Renovators

So we are sitting out on our new patio with pavers, retainer wall, plants for blinders, relaxing and a neighbor a few houses down does a fly over about 25-30ft above, and hovers for a while checking us out. flies between the houses backyards checking out all the neighbors private backyards. We're not doing anything to be hiding but really enjoy our quiet privacy in the evening and weekends. I've addressed the issue with the guy who seemed surprised that we didn't like being hovered over. I told him it would be fun to shoot it down but would want to endanger neighbors out walking the sidewalks or chilling in their spaces or kids playing. But if one of those things come apart at the speed the props are moving, it's going to hurt someone or do property damage somewhere. If it were not for that risk, I would have already shot it down because he continues his hovering on beautiful evenings that everyone wants to sit out.

What are the legalities of shooting it down, does anyone know?

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He's invaded your privacy repeatedly against your wishes, making a pest of himself. You've spoken to him & made it clear you find this intrusion unacceptable; by now he must be a fool if he thinks its ok, or else he just doesn't give a damn. This prying observer is willfully doing something that's wrong & will continue pushing boundaries unless action is taken. For what purpose anyway is there a need to see what you're doing in your private space when you're relaxing? To annoy you & your neighbors, degrade your quality of life & peace, post (unwanted by you) videos of you & your family (kids) on YouTube, Dark Web, Vine, Instagram or Vimeo etc.? Everything within the perimeter of your property is yours, and he is an intruder by proxy of the unwanted drone he is flying over it. Its people like him who legit drone operators should go after, because its people like him who will cement the hatred against all drones. If this is not taken in hand now we're going to live in a very unpleasant society, if it is not often already unpleasant. We live in a time where an act of kindness in a supermarket makes it on television, when this behavior should be the norm and not the exception. Clearly, there are people who should not be operating drones because they do not have the sense to know where it is ok to fly them, and won't respect their neighbor's privacy.

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Very good article and commentary on what lies ahead. Just like firearms, there will have to be laws and regs that guide proper and ethical use and ownership. laws don't stop criminals, so there will be misuse for sure. What bothers me is what drives this technology... capitalist greed. Our drive for progress may eliminate some of the fundamental constitutional rights of owning property in this country. isn't this what 99% of us work for?

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