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Great tip on not placing coasters in stacks, but individually. I do this too :)

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Urban Futons - Dr. Futonberg

This is why I advocate the use of futons instead of sofas because of these clumsy guests. The great thing about futons is that it's very customizable in the sense that you can choose your frame, mattress and removable cover. In case your guests stain the sofa, no worries, you can easily remove the cover and machine wash or dry clean. Now I understand that there are sofas that have removable slip cover cushions, however, what if you stain the arms or the sides. You can't remove that. But it's very difficult to stain a wooden futon frame. Learn more about the beauty and value of a futon.

Read about why futons are better than conventional sofas when it comes to longevity and maintenance.

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I have bought or made a table cover for each table in the rooms I use to entertain, color coordinated to the decor. If I will have too many guests to personally set their drinks down on coasters and keep an eye on them afterwards, I cover all the tables in advance so I, and my guests, can relax.


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