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Rose Doty
I noticed that Nick's Building Supply has a positive rating on your website. I bought 2 doors from this company, (1 French door, one regular.). These doors cost 1200.00 for both. I ordered the doors pre hung.
The frames of both doors did not even come close to fitting the doors themselves. When I went to the company store to explain the problem, the owner was extremely rude. Their customer service is nonexistent! And now, these doors that I ordered specifically for their quality, have been made to fit the outsized frames and they do not reflect the amount of money they cost or the quality workmanship I wanted to be evident. The owner was without apology or explanation. I would NOT recommend this company. Very expensive, poor quality and no sense of customer service whatsoever.
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Kylie Nash

Very unprofessional man. Is very rude to customers. do not use this man. he tried punching my step dad for no reason, and cussed him out. I don't know about you but i don't want the guy building my forever home punching people when he gets mad.

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I am fascinated to read that both the local "planning" board and your "neighbors " have granted themselves a clear legal right to a certain determination as to another person's property. Many of your comments are directed solely toward aesthetics. There is nothing in the Constitution granting the government, let alone your neighbors the power, let alone the right to control what you are building on your own property looks like. Given that "aesthetics are strictly matters of opinion, makes this notion completely idiotic. I don't like it, so you can't do it, is about as UnAmerican an idea as one can find.

Obviously this theft of personal property rights goes on every day across the country. It does not however, make it Constitutional, or right.


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