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Great article. I just told DH I learned three magic words to help me declutter, and he immediately replied, "Get a Dumpster"?

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Donna Debrodt
It’s a funny thing...I first read this article and commented five years ago. Since then I have cleared out my parents’ overstuffed house of 46 years and sold our own too-big house a month later and moved across the country, where we built another, smaller house but had to live in a tiny apartment surrounded by cartons and piles of everything for thirteen endless months in the process.

What have I learned?

For me, clutter is chaos and it’s a huge psychic and emotional drain.

Conversely, order is serenity. Just knowing where things are, after a year of living out of boxes, is an absolute joy. When we finally finished our house, I kept whispering happily to myself, “I can put things AWAY!!!”

It’s incredibly important to me...but it’s not important (or even visible) to my husband. But after these experiences, I don’t walk around annoyed any more; I pick up and clean up because it’s something I do for ME and my wellbeing.

Everyone is different. But it was a big shift in my thinking to stop being cranky about the mess makers to being grateful I could actually do something about it.
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"But it was a big shift in my thinking to stop being cranky about the mess makers to
being grateful I could actually do something about it'.

I LOVE that statement. A big shift in my thinking.......which is how you change virtually anything you don't like. Your thinking, is the ONLY thinking you can ever change.: )


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