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To Ian Ellis: Low Tech Trial Method -- Draw a measured sketch to scale or enlarge & trace photos of each wall. Make several photocopies of each surface. "Veneer" them with removable double-sided tape to a little 3-D model of the room if that helps, using cardboard or foam-core board from a craft store. Experiment on each copy with changes like molding, paint colors, etc. (There are computer programs available for the general public to use to plan decorating & remodeling, if you prefer.) Still stumped, thumb through a lot of books, magazines, paint-store books, etc. until you see a similar wall, if not whole room, that resembles yours; figure out what you like or don't like about theirs; write that down for your own DO/DON'T DO list.

When wondering about closing in a opening, tape up waxed paper to simulate a translucent product such as frosted glass, cardboard for a solid product such as plaster & wood, etc.

Always remember, life is short and full of changes & surprises. Make the best changes you can do promptly with what you know now; live with it; correct mistakes/make improvements with new knowledge gained when you can. No matter what, we learn as we go. Don't let wanting perfection to paralyze you. Best Wishes!

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#3 Privacy is important but if that access area isn't designed well you will have a hard time getting larger pieces of furniture in/out.

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Ernesto Pozo

Great !!


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