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SW Sink

Many farmers encourage this and other native species on their farms to increase production so you might try asking one at a local market if they would dig up a couple of plants to sell you. Many already sell plants in the spring, including flowers. That way you will be getting something you know is hardy and also more than likely, native to your area.

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TO be sure of what you are getting - I did some search. My usual to go to wild flower farm ( didn't harvest any this year. However, Johnny's Selected Seeds apparently did. They guarantee Non-GMO and have a nice return/refunds policy. Their BeeBalm is Wild Bergamot Monarda Seed if you are interested. BTW, Johnny's hybrid seeds are so designated.

Planting is in the fall, so if you want spring flowers, now is the time to order them for your area and zone.

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What a delightful and beautiful garden. I'm sure people would love to stop by and smell the flowers. Wouldn't that be awesome!


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