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California Fence Company
Very beautiful examples and a great ideabook. It inspires me to put in even more effort to my outdoor space and make it even more beautiful. I have a small space where I would love to incorporate your ideas at the earliest. Thanks again for the share.
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jay sifford: The recent comment put this article back in my inbox, and I enjoyed it all over again. You live entirely too far away from Ohio! I need someone with your perspective--literal and figurative--to give me direction for my property which has trees galore, a significant hillside which seems to be held together by large cement slabs and 30 years of undergrowth, poison ivy, and a continual slope from the road past our house (only a few feet from the road--yikes!) on down toward the hill--the one with the need for steps for people and not mountain goats. *sigh* Your articles are thought-provoking. Thanks.
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I have experienced this article many times. Just studying it relaxes me. I still do not have a beautiful garden but I keep trying. Thank you Jay!

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