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The John Timberland lights in the 4th picture are on sale now at Lamps Plus for 29.99. They don't state that they are dark sky, but the light is projected sideways, not up. They call for a 60W bulb and comments say they provide soft illumination.
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House numbers are a big thing; you don't know how big until too late. In my case, we are under a triple threat. First, we rent, and have no control over anything so unimportant as house numbers. Second, ours is an old building, newer houses were built and the town wound up giving higher numbers so that our house is, numerically, out of order. Third, most of the street lights are spaced way too far apart, and the lighting on the property does nothing to improve the visibility of the tiny little plastic "reflective" numbers on the corner of the building next to the driveway. I have had enough people, from friends to delivery drivers, call to ask where my house was. Fortunately, when an emergency required quick arrival of an ambulance, I was already accustomed to giving not only the street address, but the two cross streets, and the additional information that "facing the house, ours is the door on the right. It is unlocked." Please, please. Look at your house's identification with very critical eyes. Be sure it is clear, large, and visible from the street in weather conditions you can imagine. Your life, or the life of someone you love, may depend upon it.
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These are some striking door knockers. I am a strong advocate of refreshing the entry way to enhance curb appeal. I have started several home improvement projects with an entry upgrade. It can be as simple as a fresh paint job or a total door replacement. An interesting door knocked lends a completing touch.

Ann Vee

The Door Lady

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