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@Robbi------I know first hand what you are saying. You are lucky you don't have the hurricane concerns. I do; plus the moisture and salt air. But like you said, it is worth it.
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My view as I read. This tiny stream rushes through here about 10 ft higher and with tons more force during rainy seasons. The owners of the houses and cabins here have made it far more dangerous to animals and people by adding rickrack and cement walls in an effort to contain the poor thing in fall and spring floods. The water can't spread, just gets deeper and faster running through this chute. I understand the fear of property damage, but I miss the creek I played in as a child. The river at the end of the hill has the largest losses, though. Many large and beautiful homes have been swept right off their foundations and downstream, some completely whole, some in battered bits and pieces. People seem to forget what it can do and there are a few new, large, and very expensive homes on the waterfront again. It's just a matter of time.
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Years ago when I rented a beach condo in Newport, Oregon, my lease stipulated that I agreed not to use window cleaner that included ammonia. It was explained that ammonia/salt spray would pit the windows. I still live on the water but on a man-made lake in Southern California. Less upkeep but it has crossed my mind that in an extreme earthquake our house could end up in the bottom of the lake!


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