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Jessica Mosur
Add bars, love it
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Global Syn-Turf - Artificial Grass Supplier
Has anyone considered installing artificial grass for their pet in their yard? The reasons for doing so are many:

1. Global Syn-Turf grasses are designed to withstand daily, high-traffic pet usage.
2. It won’t stain, retain odors, attract ticks, fleas and other pests, and obviates the need for pesticides and fertilizers that are harmful to your pet.
3. Extremely durable and highly resistant to force -- no more holes in the yard from your dog's digging.
4. Requires no maintenance, creating more leisure time for you to enjoy playing with your pet
5. Creates a comfortable, safe, cushioned surface and environment for pets to train, play and relax.
6. Global Syn-Turf’s proprietary Flo-Rite-Thru technology augments drainage capacity
7. No chemicals necessary for cleaning
8. Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
9. Saves water and money
10. No more muddy paws in the house

Below is a photo of a canine friend enjoying our grass in California. He can't even tell it's not real grass!

Learn more at, message me on here, or call us at 877-796-8873.
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Great ideas here for the comfort of fur-family! I like the idea of a window seat for cats - lots of the kitties I have had have loved to look out windows.

We once had a "cat house" made of a heavy cardboard tube (the kind used as forms for cement pillars) covered with shag carpet, with a cutout door and a wooden table top. Great as a spot for the tea mugs, and the cat we had then loved to be in it when we used that room - as well as using it as a scratching post.

I do have to agree that each animal is different. Our current kitty - a 7 year old rescue we've had for almost a year -sleeps at night, as she has since the first night, on "the Molly spot" on the corner of the waterbed beside my head; during the day on that same bed, or monopolizing one of the two swivel rockers in the living room - and when we are watching tv, on top of the couch behind our heads. She is only occasionally a lap-cat. The previous feline member of the house preferred to start the night under the covers, head on the pillow with my arm around her, and would always end up on a cat-shaped cushion in the storage cubby underneath (between two banks of drawers). The one before her wanted under the covers, in between me and my hubby.

Most recent dog slept with our (now grown with his own family) son, in the sleeping bag on his bed - with his head buried by son's feet and tail on the pillow! The "dream house" has a bedside table with a door, leading through the wall to a built-in, insulated dog house (part of a bank of storage along that outside wall) and out to a dog run, equipped with a sipper on the faucet, so the canine family- member-to-be can go in and out as it wants, without us having to get up at night. But we'll be okay if Fido wants to sleep with us...


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