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jk j

Blue eggs in my clothespin bag under the portal. I think they are finch birds.

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My favorite bird is the Killdeer. They always make me laugh. First - they tend to lay their eggs in the most ridiculous spots like around the crushed granite, gravel or crushed concrete driveways. Sometimes I spot an egg or two on the dirt road.

The babies are born runners. The adults play like they are half dead or have a broken wing. It struggles mightily. It catches a dog's eye who runs over to it for a tasty snack. Suddenly, it hobbles off further away from where the eggs are laid or away from its babies that may be half hidden under a bush or in tall grass.

Just when the dog is ready to pounce, the killdeer miraculously becomes healed and flies away yelling a screech that sounds like "KILL DEE" or "KEE".

Another thing they do is move their eggs. At first after I would spot them, I'd check on them every day. Then they would disappear. I assumed something like a snake had eggs benedict. However, those sly things simply move them around as a form of protection if they see they had been noticed.

You can't be a sourpuss after watching a killdeer in action. They hang in the south year 'round.

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bebes pearls

Jk J, that is funny that the finches used your clothespin bag!

Years ago, my mother mentioned that she was hanging clothes and noticed some small birds (like finches) active around the clothesline that she had never seen before.

I had the overhanging growth removed about a year later and found an abandoned nest - built like a clothespin bag and very soft inside!


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