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Just moved in my second custom built home in five years. Used a designer the first house and they ordered cabinets stock with the fillers Etc which was fine. This home we used a local cabinet company, who have been in business for over 20 years. My husband toured their factory area and gave his stamp of approval for how well they made their cabinets. I definitely had my own vision this time around and absolutely loved working with their guy who knew their cad software. They built all the cabinetry beyond the kitchen, including bathroom vanities (incorporating handmade tiles I found in NH), master closet, drop zone with filing cabinets, laundry room with much needed drawers beneath front loading washer and dryer (never bought those matching metal stack things originally), and my favorite of all, my walk in pantry. The cabinets go to the 10' ceiling and has the had to have ladder. I got everything I wanted and it was a blast working with a local company. I highly recommend it !

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Colorado Kitchen & Bath

Be careful of finishes. Finishes separate the men from the boys in my opinion. Always use someone who finishes in a spray booth and NOT ON SITE.

Also study up on V.O.C.'s! There is a lot hype against them but make sure the custom cabinet maker uses a finish that will last! If they use a product just because it is low VOC you may end up with a finish that is just a gimmick and does not last. There are good products out there that do both but know what you are getting!

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Artistic Renovations of Ohio LLC

what is nice about our custom cabinets we can give them any color you can imagine and the conversion varnish holds up wonderfully.

Custom Amish cabinets · More Info

dark cherry is timeless

Amazing new kitchen that used existing underused space · More Info

detail glazing creates detail and defines the cabinet

timeless kitchen · More Info

custom hutches can make the kitchen pop - this one is hand rubbed for the worn look and flood glazed vs the detail glaze above

dog wash · More Info

we even custom build sleeping quarters for the Dogs


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