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@Donna Gamble - probably. Consider the history of the coat/clothes closet. It's really a 20th century thang. Even in the early 1900s closets for clothes were fairly new and very small, not very deep at all. I grew up in a 4 square that was built in 1911 and the closets were sparse and small. There was one in each bedroom and one next to the telephone area on the first floor. That was it.

My folks took half of the attic space to make a huge cedar closet for all our coats and clothes. We did the seasonal change out every year.

My mother and grandmothers all told me that they used standing wardrobes that today are antiques and some for a lot of money. Things changed basically in the 1940s after the war. People had money to spend and different and more clothes became desirable. With that, those small little closets in each bedroom became larger with the new homes in the post war residential builds in specific areas called suburban development AKA subdivision AKA American Dream. First one was called Levittown (1947-1951)NY, then one in PA & NJ and even PR.

With the affluence of the 1950s came more and bigger closets. Then came designated closets such as utility closet, linen, coat, and even walk-in closets. The "Mud Room" is a recent change in larger homes, but trickled down to "mud area" in smaller homes to accommodate the "ancient" style of a coat rack, hall tree, umbrella stand in the entrance area of a home.

I am looking forward to seeing what the next changes are! :)

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Rosalyn F.

Good hosts do what they can to make their guests feel welcome...BUT I must admit I dislike eating on paper plates on my lap, especially on a couch. We have invested in good-quality folding tables and chairs so that guests can cut their food and put their drinks down securely. I must admit that I have left parties early if I didn't feel comfortable or if there was nowhere to sit.

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Carol Catlin
I frequently have guests (usually family) stay for weeks at a time. While I’m careful with my things, several visitors are not, think red wine spills, scratches in furniture etc. so I’m planning hardwearing furniture and easy to clean carpet in the bedrooms. Also a wooden island top in the kitchen since it can be refinished if needed. Things like marble tiles, glass sconces etc will be in my rooms. I also make sure I have guests favorite beverages and snacks in stock so they don’t need to ask for stuff. I plan to put a small tv in one guest room for my dad as he loves watching the news. Other than that, maybe just a basket of big fluffy socks for guests to put on so they can take off their shoes and be comfortable.

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