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Montse León (Victoria + Albert Baths)

Is there a similar study done for Europe? Thanks

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Yes, when it comes to our private spaces, esp. bathrooms, everyone has different needs and tastes. When we remodeled our master bath in 2016 (we had just bought a home, 11 years old, from an elderly couple), we were lucky enough to have space for everything we wanted: large double vanity, separate WC area, large shower and a soaking tub. (In our last house we had a jetted tub, but the noise was too much for me.) The couple before us had a huge, jetted garden tub, but a very small, one-piece, pre-fab fiberglass shower.....we guilted everything and turned this around. While most of us have larger showers and use those daily, we still want or need tubs from time to time. As far as shower hand sprays are concerned: having grown up in Germany I had never seen a shower without one until I moved to the US....they are truly far behind what Europe is doing in bathrooms, hence so few wall-hung toilets. I have hand sprays even on my easy to clean with. And, yes, we do love our thermostatic valve, as it keeps the water nicely at a set temperature.....also something I first saw in Germany over 20 years ago, when my parents remodeled a bathroom. Well, the good thing is we are finally catching on here!
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Maddie Whitfield

We are upgrading our master and our guest bathrooms this year. We are moving two walls and making our master bedroom smaller to fit in a free standing soaker tub in the en-suite. As you age, slowly getting into a tub is well worth the relaxation and muscle repair. And I hate bathing in any tub that is regularly used for showering. An extra wide shower is going in as a well.

thermostatic valves have been used in Canada for over thirty years and are mandatory in new builds. In our guest room the 1960’s yellow green tub will be replaced with an acrylic shower base that is half seat (yeah for shaving legs) with pivot open glass doors available from Costco. This will allow us to save most of the 1955 original 4 by 4 “ black porcelain tiles that are striking. It’s twice the price of a replacement shower enclosure but saves us trying to tile match. Also the bench seat is perfect for anyone with limitations due to injury or age. It also comes with a stylish safety bar which is just practical. I wish people would stop seeing safety features as elderly choices and rather common sense.

since we do all the work ourselves we do save a ton of money in labour costs. We’ve learned our skills through 27 homes over the past 43 years together. I have no one to blame but ourselves if we make a few errors along the way. Our only disappointments to date are due to our financial restrictions but that’s life!

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