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I find that open display of rarely used pots, platters and other entertaining pieces works in theory. However, they become part of the decoration, so when I go to use them the areas are bare and I end up trying to redecorate as well as cook for holiday guests. The Table might look nice, but the empty china cabinet or bare hooks on the wall - not so much. Several years ago, we installed a second pantry in the basement. Now my kitchen is no longer overrun with rarely used and if I want to add something new, I don’t have to worry about what to do with it or if the room will look ok if I actually use it!
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#8, platter drawer, is actually very inexpensive. A router easily makes the slots, but even without a router tacking furring strips to each side the width of your platters is easy. Before you slip the vertical "shelves in though place a piece of foam in the drawer. It will cushion your delicate platters placed on their sides!

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Sandra Strangman
pot storage

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