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Hawkins Landscape Architecture, PLLC

I have been using 3D landscape design with my customers for over 8 years. It has revolutionized the way that I both create a design and work with my customers. They love the interactive design process and can truly 'see' the end result of their projects before construction. Materials and the layout of hardscape can be fully explored using this technology.

The 'before' and 'afters' of my projects are truly amazing in the life-like way the program visualizes the project.

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Gregory Pavell

A software delineation of everything to 'photographic realism' does limit the work imagined or revise the design development stage sequences. It is an obvious conclusion to simplify the complex nature of free-hand sketching, 2 dimensioned drawing and a 'mass' model thrown in to define it all more simply.

But...all need apply!

The ultimate goal is a built anything... the process becomes everything. Your computer rendered adventure has good intentions' but for the sake of easy-fast and an obsessively [air-brushed] look leaves little interpretation to define and too much interpretation- [typically] understood as blasie. The journey IS the education that client's engaged come away with...not just a house.

Your argument is valid that a cut-to-the-chase IS time and time IS money $, but there has been a tried and true process with overwhelming success which others prefer...all that went before.

The Notre Dame cathedral will be renovated to as close as original with exposed timber framing, et al, but with the latest technologies [as should be]...but all talents will come into play - old school and new school.

But at what expense ? There are, to this day, architect's, designer's who follow the exact same procedure [for their tenure of 50 years], to design without the computer's influence and if the client wishes to have all documents, a la CADD they will pay a premium $.

The finest built [anything] is custom made, designed and built, [slowly], by hand.

A painter's original canvas ALWAYS more valuable than it's reproductions.

I Gotta Go !


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