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I hate to be the contrarian, but a large, high quality, dramatic coffee table can be flexible and functional. Also sounding like an old(hopefully experienced) woman, here is my story. My coffee table is 51 years old. It has a wood base and a glass top that measures
3 x 5 feet and is one inch thick. At the time, the glass had to be imported from Germany. The salesman who sold me this Drexel table stood on it to show me it would not break. That table has served many a party, I have thrown cushions on the floor for overflow dinner parties, and yes guests have gotten trusting enough to grab a pillow and sit on it. And now my children are anxiously their inheritance.
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Prefer a large glass coffee table with supports that are not directly under corners. Have never regretted this expensive purchase.
Why? See thru, adds space and air. Can accommodate multiple items when entertaining. Easy to move items on. One level surface. Wonderful tablescapes that can be changed constantly.
I do not have a large living room and it works elegantly.
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Liberate yourself from coffee tables. I’ve never had vast swathes of space to play with and coffee tables have bullied me. Then they just get covered in “stuff” and lurk waiting to bite my shins while never being totally comfortable to use for anything. Finally, I said no more. Now I have some end tables that are actually useful, functional and attractive, don’t hog all the space, don’t lie in wait to cause me grievous bodily harm, and leave my pretty rug to show off in all her glory.


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