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The Custom Wine Racking Company

Our wine rack featured here can be an artistic divider in a room.

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Is the 'poseurs' complaint the sign of some insecurity?

There are some wealthy souls who happen to own wineries, but in my experience (20 minutes from St Emilion), wine makers are (a) farmers, (b) hard working, and (c) a little geeky and a lot passionate. Many come from generations of growers but others sold everything to learn about and to make with their hands something wonderful.

In France,

- a 'Chateau' can be a 2 bedroom house on the edge of the vinyards with a barn attached to store, age and mix the harvest.

- There are so many elements to a 'good' bottle that even the experts can disagree., and enjoy the argument

- Even people who make and sell expensive bottles can get great joy out of the not-aged second run stock that turns out well and is sold to neighbours from the concrete vat - bring your own big bottle...

It isn't snobby to want to eat perfect fries (double fried for the perfect soft inside crunchy outside), the ultimate BBQ pork (rubbed and then slow-cooked for 24 hours...), or an excellent hamburger (just off the griddle...perhaps smashed with onions?).

I wouldn't eat cold fries and I don't get the judgement when people want to drink wine when it tastes its best.

PS: a rich minerally red at about 18 degrees C is the PERFECT accompaniment for a hot (greasy) hamburger and fries.

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Tammy Hinkle

Here's something that could really cause some of the commenters to flip... My husband and I enjoy making homemade wines from whatever fruit is ripe and plentiful. It is a hobby that we both enjoy through the process and, especially, the end result. BUT, making from scratch takes time and sometimes we just want some good wine without the wait. There are excellent kits available for making all types of wine. Many of them result in excellent wine that will be ready to drink within a couple of months. While we wait on our homemade wines, we will often fill in our wine cabinets with kit wines. Bottling is really the biggest pain in the process even though we have all of the equipment. We have a kegerator and discovered kegging for our lighter summer wines. Some of the kits are lower alcohol and come in a wide variety of fruity flavors. It's wonderful to have *almost* unlimited chilled wine available after a day of work but that has lower alcohol content so you don't get bombed even after a few mason jar glasses full. So there... I said it! Our secret is out! Anyone who would deign to call us, or any other wine lovers, poseurs simply for how we store and enjoy our wine must have some personal insecurities that makes them need to see themselves as better than others. Later y'all, I need to run out to Aldi and pick up some of their award winning wine!


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