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Getting into a tub, not so hard.

Getting out, a Major Problem.

Bathtubs are slippery, & usually no grab bars are present. Recently brought home to me while traveling alone on a cruise.....couldn’t get out. Eventually maneuvered onto my knees , turned around & managed to reach the rather high grab bar in the back.

where to best put grab bars around a bathtub? I think 2 are needed....

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@dianesargent, when I was recovering from an accident and both legs were unusable, I placed a towel in the bottom of the tub (for traction) and lowered myself in and out of the deep tub using my arms. I have pretty strong arms. But I also made use of some props. After bathing and draining the tub, I lifted my bottom onto a yoga block to get myself a little higher, before fully lifting myself out to the side of the tub. These possibilities depend, of course, on the fitness of the bather. But the towel on the bottom of the tub is a good place to start, for older or infirm bathers, or even little kids. I’ve done that for bathing dogs for years.

I used to have a Kholer cast iron (drop-in) tub with two handles or safety grab bars built into it. It wasn’t the most beautiful tub, but it was great for having something to grab when getting in or out.

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Rebecca Greenhow

Wow, PM, you are inventive! Hope you're all recovered. You reminded me that I line hotel bathtubs with an extra hand towel for traction.


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