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Nancy Sloop
Seems like non-Southerners think we all sound like denizens of The Dukes of Hazard; southern states have disparate accents. I was born in TN, lived most of my childhood in various parts of west TX and AR, married and raised 3 children in NC - my accent, while southern, probably defies recognition, LOL. However, I do call shopping carts 'buggies,' I carry a purse rather than a handbag or pocketbook, and y'all is featured prominently when I address more than one person at a time. ;-)
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There was a humorous post on Facebook recently about someone trying to explain "I'd've" and "y'all'd've to a foreign visitor.

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Jeetyet? My daughter's friend pointed out to her that we do not say the t's in kitten or similar words we say ki'en.


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