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Dona Grant

Restoring our old New England Colonial, we found, recently, a cache of hidden shoes. In doing research we see that shoes were often concealed within the walls of a home, strategically, to ward off evil spirits and promote fertility. We've been in contact with our local historical society. There are 30 shoes, all stacked up together along the length of one short wall next to the chimney. We're going to replaster this area using the old hand split lath and we'll put the shoes back before we plaster.

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You should save a pair of those shoes (after finding out how old they might be) and put them in a shadow box near the wall where the others will be stored.

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The house (built in 1952) in back of mine is being renovated, and they found this doll left behind, along with a stacks of 45rpm records, and some old shoes that look like they are from the 1930's. The doll is creepy looking! I found out it is a Matty Mattel doll, from the 1950's. He still talks. Not sure what I will do with him. My kids think he shouldn't be in the house. They joke he make kill me some night. ;)


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