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January—no problem. Done on the first! I’m on top of my kitchen and pantry. My problem is February—it lasts all year—rather all years. I think I get stuck on Groundhog Day!
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How about recycle, recycle, recycle? Donate your old towels and blankets to animal rescues, donate unwanted clothing to homeless, and battered women’s, shelters. Or remake clothing items into ones you’ll wear.

We have become such a throwaway society. Don’t buy what you don’t need. Don’t buy cheap; buy quality and classic style and keep it a long time. Maintain what you have.
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I wore hand-me-downs from wealthy relatives my whole childhood. Can still remember how nice a lot of it was. Passed it on to others after my sisters and I were finished with them. I agree with the recycling thing. I rarely throw away anything that can be sent on to others.


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