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Kitchen Magic

As I sit and watch yet another cooking show, I look behind the cook and see yet another kitchen in shaker style.

Its the go-to choice for homeowners these day. A classic that will never go out of style and lasts forever. A safe bet, if you will.

Once you jump off the fence and take that leap, you really don't want to choose a style that is trendy -- stick with what you like too.

Shaker style is synonymous with classic goes with most colors and materials. cherry, white, maple, gray, black, distressed, you name it. It always works! We've designed this kitchen to it's area--New England. Over 100 years old, the home already has a rich and classic style, it was a the kitchen they always envisioned and now it's a reality.

The island is ideal and the space handles many cooks. It also has the 'work triangle' that makes it super functional. The lighting placed strategically for prep areas by the 2 'cooks of the house'. Ideal for dinner parties and holiday gatherings too. Guests can simply walk up and socialize with the cook or join in the prep work and have a glass of wine while nibbling on appetizers.

Make your kitchen that 'classic beauty' that you've always dreamed of and the decision to remodel your kitchen will be less daunting. Come on, you've been dreaming all these years, you know you love Shaker! Go for it!

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Very nice,i like it! I can design my own kitchen cabinets.,if you like.

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Amanda Brown

Thank you
for the article. There are many interesting and useful design ideas, tips and
tricks. However, I would like to learn more about reliable and reputable furniture
brands. My kitchen is in need of renovation and I decided to purchase
CliqStudios cabinets. Having read CliqStudios reviews I felt deeply uncertain
about product quality, customer service, and delivery. How can I find a trusted
brand to purchase from? What are the red flags? The price-quality ratio is also
an important issue if it comes to high spending.


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