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ital mover

@judithesi Point taken, but I'm sticking to my story. Color can create light, and if you were stuck indoors in the dark for months on end in a cold climate, wouldn't you gravitate toward comfort, visual interest, warmth -- not hard seating with drafty wooden legs in monotones? Up until very recently the style of Scandinavia has actually been quite colorful (i.e., this antique from Sweden)

this mid-20th century rug from Denmark

but modern professional interior design takes everybody in a different direction (possibly because of better insulated windows, making views of what's outdoors an essential consideration for creating the interior?).

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Shing Ingram

I grew up in Denmark in the 70s. I fell in love with this style! I now live in Idaho. Because I was so influenced in my youth, I still favor much of the design elements. But as mentioned above, stark white is a little much for me in the desert area. I stick with minimalist as much as possible. (Anything else makes me feel crazy!) and natural woods, and mid-century modern blended with a Scandinavian feel. My floors are natural light bamboo, which brings a little bit of a warm element into our light floors for our home. Also, the walls are light creamy mocha. Kitchen is natural cherry. Our children painted our pendent lights with a pop of color at a ceramic shop and I had them drilled. Open concept throughout. While I have the warmth of our desert home, I feel that I still carry a lot of these simple, soothing, beautiful elements that I learned to love as a youth. People who spent time in the Scandinavian countries visit our home and notice, even without the stark white (that I love in certain climates) Really Great article! Thank you for sharing!

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Diane Edwards

These rooms are totally urban. Scandinavian homes are colorful, filled with antiques and paintings. These illustrations look like rental homes.


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