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#14: Keep your home safe while traveling.
We have a water shut-off valve for our home. We use it every time we travel, even for a weekend. Unfortunately, the back yard hose connections are on the same water supply, so the gardener turns the water back on for the hour-per-week the duo is here. We don't know when the leak started, but it could have been much much worse. A water filter under the kitchen sink failed and we guess it may have run for two or three gardener visits: 2-3 hours of a big trickle ruined the hardwood kitchen floor and part of the dining room floor. It moistened the wallboard. Mold grew. Empty the kitchen and the dining room into the living room. When removing the 1986 flooring, discovered that the mastic for the subfloor had asbestos in it. Hazmat time. Isolate both rooms with heavy plastic sheeting held in place with staples and industrial strength tape (which will remove all the paint it touches when removed. Remove both floors and subfloors, lower half of most wallboard, scrape off mastic, scrub remaining mastic, a full week of atmosphere dryer, a full week of air scrubber. Today is air inspection day. If the tests show the air is clean, we can move forward to a whole new kitchen. Fingers crossed.
To protect your home when traveling:
1. Have smoke and fire alarms attached to burglar protection system, a system monitored by a security company.
2. Have a water shut-off valve for the interior of the house.
3. Have the sprinkler system and hose connection line separate from the household water's worth the one-time expense.
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Sarah Shea

Same thing happened to us with the under sink filtration system. Ran from midnight till early Sunday morning. $168K in damages and a whole new kitchen: hardwood, cabinets, etc. Unbelievable! Thank you for your comment.

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Lin Marie Engelman
Very good to have these monthly reminders.
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