How to create boundaries in an open floor plan. 4 top furniture trends from High Point Market. 5 fashionable dining rooms.

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Escape into summer pleasures with our profile of a lakeside property featuring a wraparound deck, lush gardens, a bar and dining area, and a yoga studio. Then enjoy the fun modern style of a 1970 kitchen updated with walnut cabinetry and statement tile by a design-build firm on Houzz.

Plus, get ideas for freshening up your dining room. Find out how to create separation in an open-plan space. And see four top furniture trends at High Point Market.
Help with no grass front yard, please.
This bed in the front of our cabin has had me flummoxed from...  More ›
by Annette Holbrook(z7a)  ·  18 comments
Kitchen Remodel
I just moved into a new home and am starting a much needed r...  More ›
by Bethany Jett  ·  18 comments
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