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Show us: Did you just finish a dramatic renovation project? Upload your before and after photos. Do you live in a creative, colorful home? We want to see it.
Help mostly with kitchen layout but also MB
We bought our 1922 home (1372 sf, 3BR, 1 ¾ bath) in a great ...  More ›
by hungry4design  ·  26 comments
Waterfront Estate Fire Restoration
We've posted this on our profile but think this is appropria...  More ›
by Mark Shuler  ·  19 comments
Need ideas for paint color, oak trim
I would to paint new color in the great room and surrounding...  More ›
by mcmurman  ·  46 comments
Need help choosing a kitchen backsplash tile
My husband and I are having a home built. We will have medi...  More ›
by zilloakley  ·  37 comments
Difficult space in row house living room
The living room in my Philly row house is narrow and the doo...  More ›
by Faith  ·  32 comments
Kitchen save up and go big or little DIY changes?
Hi Guys, we bought our house last year and did a minor (majo...  More ›
by ksw711  ·  65 comments
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