Dining room & birthday eclectic-dining-room
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Dining room & birthday

Eclectic dining room photo in Other with white walls — Houzz

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Laura Gaskill added this to Entertaining Ideas: Creative Spring Party Planning
1. A color theme makes decorating a snap. If you want to make a big visual impact, try picking a color scheme early on and stick to it. Having everything coordinated creates a rich, cohesive look, even if you're using simple paper plates and cups. Paper lanterns, streamers and old-fashioned straws are cheap and cheerful.
Bud Dietrich, AIA added this to Architect Lingo Decoded for the Average Homeowner
"Parti." No, not "party." It's short for "parti pris," French for "to make a decision." In archispeak it means the big idea behind the design of the project. While an architect may not verbalize the parti to you, rest assured that he or she has one. The next time you sit down with your architect for a design review, ask, "What's the parti for the project?" Your architect will definitely get blown away by this.
Marianne Lipanovich added this to How to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holidays
The same general rules apply to other holidays and other celebrations, especially birthday parties. Chocolate and xylitol-sweetened gum are harmful or toxic to pets, and other candies aren’t good for them. Candles can be a problem, as pets can knock them over or can be burned by them, while dangling decorations and balloons can be tempting to play with or try to eat. Small trinkets, fake grass and many popular plants given as gifts, including tulips, daffodils and lilies, should also be kept out of your pet’s reach. Fireworks can be a major problem for pets on the Fourth of July. Some animals do fine; others are freaked out by the noise. If your pets are nervous, ask your vet for antianxiety medications designed for animals. You may need to start some ahead of time. Remember that pets can become overexcited and act out or run away when things are chaotic, such as during a party or on the Fourth of July or Halloween. You might want to find them a safe and quiet spot indoors and away from the activities, even if they normally live or spend time outside.More:6 Ways to Help Your Dog and Landscape Play Nicely TogetherHow to Help Your Dog Be a Good Neighbor
Tom Flanagan added this to 11 Ways to Add a Splash of Yellow to Your Interior
11. Plan to party. A vibrant color shouldn’t be hidden away — yellow is your perfect party guest! For occasions when you need to liven things up, opt for small accessories that will have the whole house beaming. A string of yellow pompoms around a door or window frame could add a festive touch to enjoy all year round.Tell us: Have you used yellow in your home? Let us know how in the Comments.MoreHow to Pick the Right YellowColor Guide: How to Work With Bright Yellow

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curlybex added this to Parties
streamers/bunting. simple and effective
Solar Skylights added this to Home Decor Accessories
For occasions when you need to liven things up, opt for small accessories in yellow that will have the whole home beaming – whether cups, straws or serviettes. A string of yellow pompoms around a door or window frame could also be a festive touch to enjoy all year round. TELL US…Have you used yellow in your home? Let us know how in the Comments below.
Solar Skylights added this to DIY Home Decor
It’s a great opportunity to clear out the loft, or get rid of those pieces that don’t quite work in a newly decorated scheme, and hopefully acquire something that will give your home a boost. TELL US… We’d love to hear your budget-busting ideas for cheering up your home. Please share them in the Comments below.

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