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Inspiration for a transitional built-in desk home office remodel in San Francisco

Urbane shingle style Residence

Mark Schwartz Photography

Inspiration for a transitional built-in desk home office remodel in San Francisco —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (93)

Linda Graham Interior Design wrote:September 12, 2012
Is that grasscloth on bulletin boards?

- Also what wood is on countertops? Nice job!

  • PRO
    Polsky Perlstein Architects
    Don't think grasscloth per se- a fabtic that looks like grasscloth, but tolerant of push pins. Not sure of counter species but I think walnut
  • emacgurn
    Could you please share the wall color in this room? Very interested! Thank you!
Cecilia Rodriguez wrote:September 12, 2012
where is it from

  • Cecilia Rodriguez
    Wow...is that what I wrote. I am interested in the wood flooring we are buying a house and thinking of going with wood floors so many to pick and I fell in love with the one on the photo. Our kitchen cabinets will be maple was thinking of going with a darker wood flooring would it look good with the cabinets?
  • PRO
    Polsky Perlstein Architects
    the flooring is 3/4" tongue and groove rift white oak, with a very dark stain. Light maple and very dark floors-- it's a personal preference, could look very striking. You'll need to tune the floor color to work with the yellow of the maple though. Also-- I warned my client in advance-- dark floors show EVERYTHING! Wet footprints that have dried (think dogs), every piece of lint and dust. She still loves them though.
srmathis wrote:September 13, 2012
  • PRO
    Polsky Perlstein Architects
    All of the cabinetry was custom built (by a local cabinetmaker) throughout the home.
ripcurlrev wrote:September 14, 2012
  • abiets20
    The chairs look like they're Herman Miller's: Eames aluminum management chair. A mid-century modern classic. You can get them from Design Within Reach (www.dwr.com)
  • PRO
    Polsky Perlstein Architects
    The counters are a stained wood veneer, not sure whether we used white rift oak to match the floors, or another species
comfort_mv wrote:September 15, 2012
  • PRO
    Polsky Perlstein Architects
    Thanks for the question, the photos are only for use by the owners and the design team.
jmfreitag wrote:September 15, 2012
what is the flooring?

  • PRO
    Oak & Broad
    Flooring installers can be secretive about their mixes and formulas. :-)
  • PRO
    Polsky Perlstein Architects
    The stains were mixed iteratively with the owner reviewing successive samples, we don't have any record of the formula.
kathy Brehm wrote:September 20, 2012
what size is the room?

  • kathy Brehm
    Thank you very much. I really like the room.
  • bellinghambythebay

    can you clarify the dimensions..as listed above ..

    "approx 7' x 15' "


    "Just under eight feet wide, about 12 feet long"

    thank you!

Cathi Youman wrote:September 27, 2012
What is the wall color

    dchapman3180 wrote:October 10, 2012
    kleshell wrote:October 17, 2012
    • Claire Archbold
      Aluminium Group EA 117 / 119 chairs. Iconic Eames you can buy from Vitra
    • ndd92
      I have this chair in tobacco color but never knew who made it. I purchased it at a yard sale for $60 from a lady who said she got it from a store that recycles high end furniture from hotels.
    digbywright wrote:October 21, 2012
    how are the memo boards done?

    • PRO
      Jamie Herzlinger
      You can go to home depo and get a product called homasote. Then you can get a pretty fabric and make them. the oars can be any size. The ones here have a moulding separating the areas. You can also take ribbon and put on top of the fabric, and take nail heads to hold it in place and create really pretty boards. My company makes custom ones if ou I've up. Info@jamieherzlinger.com
    • PRO
      Luwana Holzworth Interiors
      Thanks for your time Jamie.
    larmenio wrote:November 3, 2012
      larmenio wrote:November 3, 2012
        larmenio wrote:November 4, 2012
        Love the window fabric. do you know who makes it?

        • Teri Petrillo
          would also like to know about the fabric. Does anyone answer these questions?
        • Teri Petrillo
          are questions about where to find details within the design answered here? or possibly somewhere else?
        gkrupp wrote:November 5, 2012
        • halstonjazz
          where did you get the base cabinets?
        • Vani Valluru
          Is this setup available for purchase?
        trudiahart wrote:November 9, 2012
        Bathroom with cabinets that have round handle pulls

        - Where did you get the round cabinet pulls?

          antzinmypantz wrote:December 2, 2012
            Sharon Tjaden wrote:December 28, 2012
            What is the breadth of this room?

            • mrsjjsmith
              I'd like to know too! It looks small but functional.
            1josh wrote:January 4, 2013
            What are the details of the countertop, I love it!!!

            - Color, Laminate finish, where I can find this etc...

              idalina519 wrote:January 4, 2013
              what material is being used to tack notes, pics, etc. on the walls? cork? the look is very polished...fabric?

              • notsowitty
                It looks like burlap to me, possibly covering cork or a magnetic board (or maybe both.)
              knoble41 wrote:January 21, 2013
              love the chair ...where is it from?

              cacoppola wrote:January 31, 2013
              • italiananna
                At my office at work, there are holes drilled in the back of the desktops so the wires drop down to the wall outlet.
              • PRO
                Surecor Mosaic
                Long corner desk enables a couple to work separately in the same space which is sweet.
              wendylbg wrote:February 18, 2013

              Nicol Lischka wrote:February 22, 2013
              what are the panels on the left side that function as bulletin boards made of?

              cnjwilcox wrote:March 6, 2013
              Where did you find the under-desk cabinets/file drawers? Are they custom?

                lsanders1115 wrote:June 5, 2013
                  ichinisan wrote:June 9, 2013
                    mccartchris wrote:June 10, 2013
                    Pallet couches

                    - V

                      Neusa Sanches wrote:June 16, 2013
                      sempre é preciso ter um lugar para tudo isso em uma casa,

                      - nswpupato@gmail.com

                        henriquezvaliente wrote:July 14, 2013
                        ssmudd1 wrote:August 16, 2013
                          Brigitte wrote:September 10, 2013
                          Love the Chairs! Where are they from?

                          sharonmathis wrote:September 22, 2013
                          Love the chairs. What manufacturer are they

                          - Can I order these chairs wholesale

                          decor mom wrote:October 4, 2013
                            heyteach65 wrote:October 12, 2013
                            Please tell me about the floors..

                            - They're gorgeous!

                              pennyo728 wrote:November 2, 2013
                              Love those chairs! Where are they from?

                              newtrew wrote:November 7, 2013
                              How high is the counter ?

                                katherineortiz58 wrote:December 28, 2013
                                What are these chairs called ?

                                - ?

                                  chrissyrobi wrote:January 2, 2014
                                  Would the wheels on the chair scratch the wood?

                                    sophietremblay wrote:January 7, 2014
                                    Love the floor color. Can you let me know what type of wood and stain?

                                    • dmcmeekin1

                                      Thanks - I am in the process of that now. Do you remember what color the cabinets were

                                    • PRO


                                    shalep wrote:January 24, 2014
                                    Joan wrote:January 29, 2014
                                    Love the lamp. Where is it from?

                                    imlokman wrote:February 7, 2014
                                    im Gepson

                                    - add Nixan

                                      Claudia Miro wrote:February 9, 2014
                                      • chicri

                                        Hi Nina. I would love to know how you did this board. Did you put wallpaper on top of a magnetic white board? Looks fantastic! I am trying to do something similar to my home office! Thx in advance

                                      • sheske

                                        what kind of tops are those?

                                      Albrecht Interiors wrote:February 18, 2014
                                      sathork wrote:February 25, 2014
                                        pkt1978 wrote:March 1, 2014
                                        What is the approximate cost of the desk unit?

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                                          Lots of desk space, a large window, and bright but not blinding colors.

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