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Bathroom - transitional marble tile bathroom idea in DC Metro with marble countertops and a vessel sink

Alexandria Residence

Our client wanted a clean and classic Master Bath Suite. Initially, I designed 3 different options, but option 1 was a home run for the client and also my favorite based on thier wishlist. The vanity and mirror are custom made for the space with a 12 step dark stain process that allows the depth of the grain to show through. It took about 10 sample runs to get the finish just right, not too red and not too dark. We built the massive mirror to "float" off the wall so that it would visually lighten the space. The shower glass was detailed so that it appears seamless against the shower bench. We used Carerra marble throughout.

Bathroom - transitional marble tile bathroom idea in DC Metro with marble countertops and a vessel sink —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (65)

jtsol717 wrote:May 18, 2011
  • PRO
    Kelly Porter
    Popular Gray 6071 by Sherwin-Williams is a close match.
  • PRO
    Lori Shaffer
    I dont remember specifically the color of gray selected. Gray especially can lean toward lavender depending on what's in the room, but more importantly the natural light. I would definitely recommend buying samples of different colors and trying them out before you commit.
jtsol717 wrote:May 18, 2011
  • PRO
    DeCocco Design
    If it's not black, then it's probably espresso. Love that great big framed mirror. Anyone can do that right over their own!
  • PRO
    Lori Shaffer
    It is a multi-step stain process that we used. It was tough to get just the right finish. We found using a wood dye, then stain allowed the grain to show through yet gave us that rich deep espresso color we were going for.
Brad Ward wrote:June 9, 2011
  • PRO
    Lori Shaffer
    The vanity was custom built by an incredibly talented woodworker. It is made of solid cherry with a labor intensive espresso stain. I designed the vanity because I couldn't find anything that was off the shelf that had the look the client and I wanted. Restoration Hardware now sells similar styles, so I suggest you check there. Best of Luck!
itopiler wrote:July 28, 2011
  • PRO
    Niki Papadopoulos
    Statuary Marble is basically Cararra's sister, they are mined in the same place in Italy. You can usually tell the who apart because Statuary usually has a brighter white background with more distinctive grey veining, where Cararra can appear to have a more grey body with charcoal veins. It's a bit hard to tell in this photo but I am going to guess this is Cararra since overall it seems to have a bit more grey going on and looks a bit more consistent. Hope this helps!

    Statuary White Vanity · More Info

    Carrara Marble · More Info
Lance Bentley wrote:October 19, 2011
pasqua wrote:February 6, 2012
  • PRO
    Lori Shaffer
    It's Carrera Marble flooring. Pretty common stuff, make sure you have see a sample of the tile with your grout color. I prefer using a white that leans towards gray, however some off whites lean towards yellow. It's always best to do a sample.
  • pasqua
    Thank you, Lori, I really apreciate your response. Now I can go forward and thanks for the tip on the grout; I would never have known what to use.
MG Plumbing Inc wrote:February 13, 2012
  • PRO
    JP | Architect
    Are your clients vertically challenged? Or was this expensive bathroom made for kids?
ninac wrote:February 14, 2012
kmg4791 wrote:March 8, 2012
Are the countertop and shower tiles Carrera Marble as well?

  • Emily H
    They look like they could be.
  • afejeran
    Designer states that they used Carrera Marble throughout.
judygibala wrote:March 22, 2012
  • aiden7
    Where can I buy the vanity
  • mtngirl1960
    Cabinet World Pittsburgh, PA
tatcar wrote:March 25, 2012
what are the dimensions for sink and drawer cabinet?

  • lmzeee
    What is the length of the mirror and cabinet?
laurielocey wrote:April 3, 2012
Can you please tell me what size the marble tiles on the floor and shower are? Also, what is the manufacturer

  • KellieM
    You could get a similar look with StonePeak's Raja Series in Himachal White. This is a porcelain tile, but looks very much like this picture.
  • afejeran
    Designer states that they used Carrera Marble throughout.
Michele Kohari wrote:May 30, 2012
  • PRO
    Custom Home Planning Center
    Facing up is better than down. It still is not enough lumins to properly light a face for make up or shaving.
  • PRO
    Design Intervention

    Master Bath Remodel · More Info

    A good rule of thumb when hanging a wall sconce is to have the middle of the fixture sit 60 inches above the floor. Every scenario is different and when hanging a wall scone, it is important to find a level that will allow the majority of the people in the particular space to enjoy the lighting from their normal positions, without suffering from the glare of an exposed bulb. If the room is used generally for sitting like a dining room, then it is best to place the sconce at a position whereby the majority of people sitting in that room cannot see the light source (bulbs) and suffer from glare. It is always important to place it comfortable as it relates to your eye level.

kfalbo wrote:May 30, 2012
can you tell me what color was used on the walls? Thanks

  • PRO
    The Shabby Nest
    Valspar's Notre Dame is a similar color.
  • jessicagriffin
    sherwin williams repose gray is very similar. It can appear gray or beige depending on it's surroundings. I have it in my master bedroom and am debating on choosing it for my bath as well.
davidowen wu wrote:July 10, 2012
  • PRO
    Plan Design Decorate
    xinwo, are you trying to recreate this space for your self?
  • PRO
    Vikrant Sharma Homez
    Yes, it can be achieved (diy) if you know plumbing , tiling ,stone laying and things like these then its Achievable ! Good Luck .
kkcampbell wrote:July 12, 2012
  • afejeran
    Designer states that they used Carrera Marble throughout.
kkcampbell wrote:July 12, 2012
  • PRO
    lisa furey interiors
    I do not recommend polished tiles for floors in wet areas - a little bit slippery unless they are treated.
hmoss44 wrote:July 24, 2012
What tile is on the floor

  • lisatanen
    I love the classic lines and blend of modern and old. please tell me what kind of tile is on the floor, is it a natural stone?
  • afejeran
    Designer states that they used Carrera Marble throughout.
gins wrote:August 10, 2012
What size are the tiles on the shower wall? Thanks!

    shanmo15 wrote:November 4, 2012
    wots the wood made out of

      Carol Nicholson wrote:November 8, 2012
      where can i buy on of those vanities shown in Alexandria Residence beautiful bathroom design by Lori Shaffer

        Carol Nicholson wrote:November 8, 2012
        can you tell me where i can buy tis vanity. email: crol@aol.com

        • lshefa
          I really like this paint color. Can you tell me the color and company?
        • laurihkahn
          Was the vanity custom-made? If not, who is the manufacturer?
        npominova wrote:November 30, 2012
        Lori, It looks amazing! Can you send me the details of the brands you used? email npominova@hotmail.co.uk

          Elizabeth wrote:December 10, 2012
          How high is this mirror mounted above the vanity and what are the mirror dimensions? Thank You!

            rettags1 wrote:December 22, 2012
              mbadams wrote:January 16, 2013
              Have you experienced any problems with painted walls and no backsplash?

                Christine Besen wrote:January 19, 2013
                  mariopen wrote:February 23, 2013
                    angelpatel wrote:March 4, 2013
                    dvalentin2 wrote:April 13, 2013
                    • dipoohw
                      My bath is similar to this one: dark cabinets, marble tile for floor, shower, and soaking tub. Question is I'm not sure what to paint the wall? I want more neutrals so the color scheme can be changed just by changing out a picture, vases, towels etc. I like gray..but not sure how dark or light to go. I will be buying benjamin paints....Any suggestions out there?
                    • marylehman13
                      I used BM Pale Smoke chosen by my decorator to blend the grays, whites and neutrals and it turned out amazing. Soft blue gray, very calming feel.
                    shrusan wrote:April 26, 2013
                      logdog wrote:May 17, 2013
                      • PRO
                        Ebanisteria Gambella
                        I'm an italian furniture maker. I am able to customize it :)
                        If you are interested I'm able to ship to US, Canada and Europe.
                      • Linda Chiango O'sullivan
                        I like this vanity. What is the approximate cost?
                      carolynmurray wrote:May 21, 2013
                        Eric Munyeri wrote:June 17, 2013
                        is that an orchid?...luvely

                          lsquared4ever wrote:September 29, 2013
                            KT wrote:October 13, 2013
                              corralescarlos wrote:November 23, 2013
                              • PRO
                                le blanc kitchens
                                custom built judging from the height of the bowls its about 32
                              • Collette Uwineza
                                I love the work you did its looking good!
                              easyhill wrote:December 20, 2013


                              • efasano10

                                So which grade was used here as i see the veining in some pieces and its subtle in others. Is this the C grade? I would like to do 12X12 honed on my floors and maybe a 3X6 or 4X8 behind my bathtub in my guest bathroom. I don't want the veins to look too busy.

                              • PRO
                                The Builder Depot

                                Hi efasano10,

                                It is quite difficult to be 100% sure, but to me that looks like 'C' grade. We have the sizes you mention in two collections, I would take a look at our room scene page on our blog and take it from there.

                                Personally I am on the same side as you, I do not like things to look too busy. It was for that reason (as we all agreed the same) that we created an exclusive collection called Carrara Venato by selecting specific blocks and working with quarries. We wanted a white base but not a busy look, and yet still we wanted some veining. In was a tall order but I think we have done well creating something that fits close to that description. Nothing is exact in Natural Stone.

                                However if you have a very specific look you need. Something you have seen and you need it to look exactly like that and you have no tolerance for anything either side of your 'dream' then I recommend going to a retail store. There you can work with someone face-to-face and pick out the tiles you need, reject others and take them home.

                                Thank you

                                The Builder Depot

                                Carrara Venato 6x12" Subway Tile $8.00 a Square Foot installed in a Herringbone format. Not easy to do. You have to over order if you plan on creating a Herringbone pattern out of loose tiles. Better to send us an email about it so we can work with you.

                                Carrara Venato 3x6" Honed Subway Tile $7.00 a Square Foot also available in Polished

                                Carrara Venato 12x24" Subway Tile $9.95 a Square Foot and 1x3" Stacked Mosaic Tile used on the floor for $11.15 a Square Foot.

                                Carrara Venato 3x6" Polished Subway Tile Backsplash $7.00 a Square Foot

                              janeerickson wrote:January 10, 2014
                              What paint color is this

                                brigitess wrote:February 2, 2014
                                Where can I have a mirror made with a frame to match the vanity?

                                  nmtclose wrote:March 5, 2014
                                    Denise Williams wrote:March 19, 2014
                                    Dimension of cabinet and manufacturer contact information

                                      golfingirl1 wrote:April 15, 2014
                                      Is the mirror for purchase or custom made? What is the size and mater

                                        trecko24 wrote:May 2, 2014
                                        • Rosana Runzer

                                          WHAT IS THE SIZE OF THE MIRROR? WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE MANUFACTURER?

                                        • PRO
                                          The Builder Depot


                                          Specifically it is Bianco Carrara 8x16" on the floor and 6x12" on the wall.

                                          Prices in the market vary significantly. As we are seeing by the reviews customer are leaving.

                                          Carrara Bianco Honed 6x12" currently $8.00 a square foot. (Also available in Polished).

                                          Our Carrara Bianco Collection has over 80 formats.

                                          Prices at Brick and Mortar Boutique Tile Stores are stuck with a lot of overhead and supply chain costs which they have to pass onto the consumer, making their prices twice the cost of ours.

                                          Carrara Bianco 8x16" Honed for $8.95 a square foot (also available in polished).

                                          Hopefully this provides a good base for looking at prices and quality.

                                        Jeremy Dillman wrote:May 24, 2014
                                        How did you take the picture without the camera and photographer being

                                        - Not a question about the style (which I do like) but just impressed by the photo editing skill too.

                                        • mikeellisut

                                          Take one photo looking at the mirror, take another photo standing in front of the mirror looking away from it. Photoshop the second photo into the mirror area, or at least the area where your face is. Pretty easy.

                                        dylindo wrote:November 15, 2014
                                        What are the dimensions in this bathroom?

                                          daniellepelle wrote:December 6, 2014
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