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Example of a large tuscan beige two-story stucco exterior home design in San Francisco with a hip roof and a shingle roof

Green Oaks Atherton

Dennis Mayer Photographer

Example of a large tuscan beige two-story stucco exterior home design in San Francisco with a hip roof and a shingle roof —  Houzz

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This photo has 23 questions

marcuscl wrote:November 14, 2012
  • Teresa Taylor
    As a master garderner, I know that Wisteria should not be planted to close to the foundation of the house.
  • mhoushar
    Why not? Does it have invasive roots?
Catherine Nanda wrote:November 16, 2012
  • pgore
    Love this remodel...can you tell me the paint color that was used
  • PRO
    Dennis Mayer - Photographer
    Not exactly, it has aged from it original light brown.
Cheryl Cheslea wrote:November 18, 2012
Would love the name of the designer/architect of this home

yona97 wrote:December 12, 2012
What is the color of the stucco or brick?

  • PRO
    Dennis Mayer - Photographer
    What you see is all I can give you, this remodel was done 20 years ago so its hard to say with fade and age. Popular question......
delanir wrote:February 6, 2013
Love the colour of the exterior walls. WHat is the color of paint used on exterior walls of house?

  • grobby
    One of my favorites here on Houzz. Beautifully designed and detailed.
  • ronzdezines
    What a gorgeous house ...Love the color, style, gardens all of it is perfect really. A dream house!
alnoornkya wrote:February 11, 2013
I would like to see the flor plan of this house. I really like it!

- I am looking forward to build my own house and I just like this design! it kinda unique

  • Joyce McClain
    suevh10 - you should post pics of your house on houzz. Sounds wonderful!
  • suevh10
    I'd be happy to do a photo shoot.

okarche wrote:August 1, 2013
where is this home located at?

- WHat city and state?

  • Sandra Italiaander
    sorry don't know
  • djhcsfbnf
    Sure looks a lot like Melissa's Rivers home, love it.
dheffers wrote:December 14, 2013
What is the roof material ?

  • Joanni Hoffman
    I love this house!!!
    Write a comment
  • PRO
    EASA Architecture
    Thank you Joanni, It's very nice to receive positive feedback.
    Regards, Ellis A. Schoichet AIA
lynettelk wrote:April 11, 2014
  • Jun Xiao
    Love it!!!
  • Ihegboro Chike
    truely it is nice. i love it too. it will b good to d eyes as there rvenough green.
Lois McCall wrote:April 22, 2014
What are the small trees in withe box woods?

  • dlwmai
    Awesome design. Related to the previous questions, are the low squared-off bushes actually boxwoods? They look like perhaps privits or something like that ...
  • PRO
    EASA Architecture
    Hi dlwmai, As before- I can't answer 100% for sure because its been a few years since I've visited the property- but I believe those hedges are box.
    Regards, Ellis A. Schoichet AIA
kaecare wrote:August 6, 2014
what would you call the style of this home? thank you

- w

  • PRO
    EASA Architecture
    Hi kaecare, In this case my client requested a 'Country French' home, and I'd say it's generally consistent with that style. Thanks for your interest!
    BTW- this is the back of the house.
    Ellis A. Schoichet AIA, EASA Architecture
  • quintsoma

    You did not answer one question about this house.

Patty Dille wrote:September 10, 2014
What is the estimate cost to have the house built?

  • Bonnie Stiegelmar

    Hello .Love the house. What color is the stucco used on the exterior of the house? Thank-you!

  • PRO
    EASA Architecture

    Hi Bonnie, I'm glad you like the house!

    I don't have a record of the color of the house. If you show the picture to your favorite paint vendor as an example of what you're looking for, I'm sure they'll be able to help you find some great color options to start with. My advice- always check paint colors in the same light, the same orientation, and ideally the actual location in which they will ultimately be used. Best of luck with your project!

    Ellis A. Schoichet AIA/EASA Architecture

Caroline wrote:September 17, 2014
What color are the chimney caps and dormers?

  • Jen Massullo

    What color is the wall color?

  • quintsoma

    Why did you put a picture of the house on here if you know nothing about it.

dedediane wrote:October 6, 2014
    Green with Envy Landscape Design wrote:December 6, 2014
    What is the exterior color of the house?

      Green with Envy Landscape Design wrote:December 6, 2014
        Donna M wrote:August 3, 2015
          roserustler wrote:August 23, 2015
          Love the house and gardens, this is the way we were meant to live! thx

            Kara Beckman wrote:March 11, 2016
            • PRO
              RetractableAwnings.com Inc.


              The folding lateral arm retractable awning on the right side of the house above the French doors is not designed to be water PROOF. Folding lateral arm awnings are designed for sun protection and LIGHT rain and are water RESISTANT if enough pitch is placed on the arms. If you want a product that is water PROOF meaning that no water enters they you should consider either a retractable patio cover system or a rotating louver system. See pictures below for both options:

              Above is our Salerno model retractable patio and deck cover system and here is the link: Retractable waterproof patio and deck cover system

              Above is our Bioclimatique model water proof rotating louver system and here is the link: Retractable waterproof rotating louver system

            lspriggs wrote:May 8, 2016
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