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Playroom - eclectic playroom idea in Other

The Summer Cottage

The Summer Cottage is a room made for two kids, with 2 beds under, a stair case with drawers leading to a playroom that can also be used for a 3rd guest for sleepovers, and a slid used more by adults than kids! this structure can hold the whole family for bedtime stories -photo by:Iva

Playroom - eclectic playroom idea in Other —  Houzz

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This photo has 29 questions

elisha81 wrote:November 18, 2011
  • blankask
    Omg! What a wonderful bedroom ! Great work, design and layout! Just amazing..... I love it .... and can not imagine what my 3 years old daughter would do for bedroom like this one :-). Do you ship to European Union ? Slovakia or Austria? Thx in advance Blanka
  • PRO
    Totally Kids fun furniture & toys
    Here are some other fun options: The tangerine stairway bunks are available without the beds underneath creating a play area. The For Girls Only has secret trap doors leading to a clubhouse.
jkhjb wrote:February 4, 2012
    nanaiu wrote:March 30, 2012
    • PRO
      The Shabby Nest
      Benjamin Moore's Picante is a similar color.
    • PRO
      Mayssa Al Ghawas
      Hi, sorry it took me a while to get back to you, and thanks shabby nest for commenting, its a color used for wood not walls, we actually mixed a few till we got this rust color, sorry i wish i could be of more help
    rthomae wrote:April 24, 2012
    • PRO
      Mayssa Al Ghawas
      Same color as the base color, magnolia
    sillee wrote:May 31, 2012
    I love this bed/playhouse! Is this custom built?

    • Renee Fle
      I reside in USA Renee. Thank you
    • PRO
      Mayssa Al Ghawas
      Hi Renee, Thank you for all the lovely comments, I'm glad you like my work, but unfortunately the summer cottage is a bit hard to send internationally as i designed it, manufactured, and assembled it locally, if i find a way in the future i will be sure to let you know, thanks again for your interest. -Mayssa
    Andrea C wrote:August 3, 2012
    • Andrea C
      Thank You, Mayssa. Congratulations on your Baby. I have a boy (2years) and a girl (6 Years). They will be sharing the room until we decide if we are moving or adding on. However, I would like to create something that utilizes as much space as possible. I went to your website, I would like to submit my children's room size to see if something like this will work in their room. Please let me know if this will be ok or if the Houzz forum is ok to leave my measurements. Thank you.
    • rags1_123
      Do you have the plans we can buy for this bed?
    karim wrote:January 15, 2013
    • PRO
      Mayssa Al Ghawas
      info@websiteofmine.com and the personal one is mayssa.alghawas@gmail.com
    Debb Gtz wrote:January 18, 2013
    • PRO
      Mayssa Al Ghawas
      yes i can provide the measurements so you'd know f it will fit your room and i can customize this
    Kimberley Petz wrote:March 2, 2013
    Why is there a SLIDE in here??????

    • PRO
      Mayssa Al Ghawas
      Me too Salman, but the parents insisted on having this room for their kids, they thought the hours of fun using the slid would be worth it, and didn't mind it covering a part of it since it is a big door like window and there would be plenty of light in, there is a one meter gap between the slide and the window though, maybe not visible from this angle,
    • tibradden
    Linda Giovando wrote:March 13, 2013
    • Nitin Patil
      Dear Mayssa ,can you ship this to India.What is the price? can you tell how much space does it need?
    • camillebunker
      this is impressive!!! It's really fantastic.
    blankask wrote:April 7, 2013
    • dawnsmith44
      Im buying this bed for my boys 11 and 4 i hope they enjoy this.
    • vmm24
      pode ser enviado para o Brasil? E quanto custa?
    alhosani80 wrote:May 8, 2013
    • Carla Castle
      Wow it's beautiful. I want one .how much do u charge?
    • mssmiles
      I would love a loft bed catalog sent to terry turner 1031 old eastern ave apt b Baltimore Maryland 21221 thank you
    kristine_sparkles wrote:July 28, 2013
    • timmckean3
      how much does this cost?
    • unkomin1
      Website isn't working or hasn't been developed??
    rishrey wrote:November 21, 2013
    • alixpolini
      hello, i love it... can you deliver to Australia? and how can we go about you designing all of my kids bedrooms? # girls, all under 6 years old, and we are just building, so now is the time for your wonderful ideas!
      Thanks in advance....
    rishrey wrote:November 23, 2013
      Jennifer Smajd wrote:December 22, 2013
      What is the ceiling height in this photo?

        Susan Gjelaj-Skrelja wrote:January 17, 2014
        do you have pictures of the inside?

        - i want to know.

          kennedyrose1997 wrote:April 8, 2014
          how tall is the door to the loft?

            dorismedlock wrote:May 10, 2014
            how much did this cost

            • Michelle Mead
              How much does this cost???
            timmckean3 wrote:August 9, 2014
            How much does this bed cost to be shipped to the UK?

              snellkasia wrote:September 27, 2014
                mareepickens wrote:March 12, 2015
                  malibusheri wrote:June 9, 2015
                    rukhsana_kausar2011 wrote:January 7, 2016
                      carlayrafa2 wrote:August 23, 2016
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