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Inspiration for an eclectic vegetable garden landscape in San Francisco.

JW Garden

This is a hard garden to photograph, because at most times of the day, half of it is in full sun, while the other half is in full or partial shade. The contrasts are too stark for good photos. Here I caught it when the light was good. Photo by Steve Masley.

Inspiration for an eclectic vegetable garden landscape in San Francisco. —  Houzz

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marnimoseley wrote:July 29, 2013
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    Steve Masley Consulting and Design
    This path was made with taffy fines, which are a little coarser than decomposed granite. I also went over the path several times with a vibe plate compactor, a must for any DG or fines path.
youhave2bemind wrote:March 23, 2015
how do you make the tree trellis?

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    Steve Masley Consulting and Design

    You dig post holes in a zig-zag pattern--like a series of W's, about a foot apart--then place sound redwood branches, 3 in each hole. Point one forward, one back, keep one in the middle. Then thread a few horizontals through, and wire them loosely together. Play with the pattern until you're satisfied, then backfill the holes with soil and tamp it into the holes around the bases of the branches with the handle of a hoe. Tamp firmly. Then start tightening the wires.

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