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Hallway - contemporary hallway idea in Seattle

Millennium Tower Loft-Hall

Hallway - contemporary hallway idea in Seattle —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (2)

Frederic Vial wrote:November 26, 2012
Where can I find a wall divider/shelving unit like this?

  • Frederic Vial
    What are the design and specifications? How much would this cost? Thanks.
  • PRO
    MusaDesign Interior Design
    Design means- addressing your needs towards the functional and visual necessities. This is the process that will lead you to the wishful outcome: you need to describe me what you need, give me measurements and I will find the way to make it happened. Specification is the next step: you in your area or I will find a craftsman who will be asking for details how to build it. I will send him drawings and directions regarding materials and so on. Nevertheless, he will be asking a millions of questions anyway, which I know how to answer, because I have an experience and I can predict outcome, or he will make decisions on his own if I am not involved. Here you are relying only on his expertise and taste. I hope this is explaining how the process works and how much usually a designer needs to be involved to foresee the result. Usually for these types of jobs I will charge by the project. If you can provide me with the sizes and you will want the similar shelf, I could modify the design that is already existed and it will take 2 hours, and will cost around $350.00
Eva wrote:March 10, 2013
What is the material used here?

  • PRO
    MusaDesign Interior Design
    this is reclamed redwood from wine barrels.
  • martamartinez
    I like the dining chairs. Would you mind telling me where could I find them?. Congratulations for the design.
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where stone needs patching

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separation..il faut etre invité au salon!

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séparation linéaire....

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