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Elegant formal medium tone wood floor and brown floor living room photo in Charlotte with brown walls


Elegant formal medium tone wood floor and brown floor living room photo in Charlotte with brown walls —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (58)

ebie1 wrote:January 17, 2013
What is the paint color, thanks!

  • pepperpony
    would you mind providing the ceiling and trim color? i love how warm that ceiling color is.
  • madjay
    I was interested in the curtains. Where can I purchase them?
sabeck2 wrote:January 17, 2013
where are the end tables from?

cjweener wrote:January 20, 2013
Love the sofa! Can you tell me who the manufacturer is?

  • Penny Harwood
    I love the sofa too and would like to know who makes it. I always buy sofas with single seat cushions. They are easier to sit/sleep on and look cleaner. Restoration Hardware has some very nice, deep down covered ones (with slipcovers too) but I particularly like the legs and arms on this one. Beautiful room- Thanks!!
  • nycdiane
    I adore this sofa. Does Hickory Chair make sleepers? I wonder if this style sofa could be adapted to be a sleeper. They don't sell to the public, I don't think, but I will check out their website.
ezmac0918 wrote:January 24, 2013
  • PRO
    Carolina Design Associates, LLC
    Your best option is to contact a faux finisher in your area. This furniture piece was ordered exactly as you see it from the factory.
Julie Dickerson wrote:February 7, 2013
Winnie Kepler wrote:February 12, 2013
  • PRO
    Carolina Design Associates, LLC
    The client already had this unit. We will see if we can find out.
  • robertaerena
    If you find out, let me know at robertaerena@ gmail.com. PLEASE!!
chandler22 wrote:February 23, 2013
What are the dimensions of this room?

gdh1 wrote:February 26, 2013
  • PRO
    Carolina Design Associates, LLC
    We would recommend you have a professional install crown especially if you're wanting something similar to the picture. The crown molding in the image is several pieces of molding layered together for the overall effect.
Kathy Davis wrote:February 27, 2013
Chair info? Manufacturer and fabric?

  • PRO
    Carolina Design Associates, LLC
    Sorry were unsure as the chairs were ones the client had previously and we recovered them.
  • puddingtane
    looks like they rotate...do they?
goodgirl25 wrote:February 27, 2013
I was wondering if the amorie was a diy paint and if so what color/brand/technique?

  • PRO
    Carolina Design Associates, LLC
    Sorry were unsure as the chairs were existing and we recovered them.
  • terriscott12
    I love the feeling of the room , so inviting.Is the coffee table made with a stone top and shelf? And where can I purchase one.
automotive wrote:February 28, 2013
What color brown is on the walls?

  • pearlmcgee

    Would the Tea Chest color work well with gray floors?

  • PRO
    Tara Imani Designs, LLC

    Hi Pearlmcgee, I think it depends on the undertone-- if the Gray floor is a warm gray, then it might be ok. Otherwise, I don't think brown walls, in general, look very good with gray floors. The two shades would likely fight for dominance. I think rust, maroon, or certain shades of blue would go well with gray wood floors but it depends on your furnishings, sofa, drapes, etc.//

    i did a google search and found several examples of light gray walls with brown wood floors. There were a few with gray floors and golden brown walls, like this image: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/d3/7c/a7/d37ca7d9ec40b50e07cde53f5804991c.jpg

diamondhill wrote:March 5, 2013
Round side table in front of the windows is beautiful!

- Would you please let me know where I can buy it? Thank you!

nannete wrote:March 27, 2013
I love the panels! I am looking for window treatments and these look great! Please let me now where these are

Catherine Oliveri wrote:March 27, 2013
What color is the crown molding?

Catherine Oliveri wrote:March 27, 2013
I know the color on the wall is Sherman Williams Tea Chest . Do you know what would be comparable in Benjamr

  • PRO
    Carolina Design Associates, LLC
    You can provide the sherwin williams information to your Benjamin moore source and they should help you match it.
shalafara wrote:March 28, 2013
Where can I get this coffee table

  • PRO
    Carolina Design Associates, LLC
    Aquisitions line through Hancock and Moore
  • nstein2456

    I am also interested in this table but cannot find it through any hancock and moore sites

brickface wrote:March 30, 2013
The cupboard dominates the room don't you think. Makes me think I could open it up and take a trip to Narnia.

- Lot of pillows on that couch.

  • lemproto
    lots to like. landscapes look almost like paint by number--kind of whimsical
  • mjdur
    Wondering about the two side chairs - manufactured by?
tlauer1 wrote:April 1, 2013
Where did you get the cabinet?

- I love that cabinet as the focal point

msehgal wrote:April 17, 2013
what wood is the floor?

  • PRO
    Oak & Broad
    Grade #1 Red Oak with a gloss finish. Very pretty.
  • PRO
    Design Matters

    My experience with Red Oak it typically turns a yellow/red color. In this image it look more like a medium red brown. Is it red/brown or yellow/red?

kaval5 wrote:April 27, 2013
i love the area rug, where can i find it?

  • PRO
    Carolina Design Associates, LLC
    Sorry but this was previously owned by the client, therefore were unsure.
  • Jean Orr
    this is the color of my bedroom..it is so peaceful!
Steph M wrote:May 28, 2013
  • lgrove
    Can you please tell me where the coffee table is from?
  • cypercat55
    Can you tell me the paint color.
mutzie11 wrote:May 29, 2013
  • sallyk02
    What is the wall colour please?
  • jabkeller
    what color is the chair upholstry?
Pamela Goose wrote:July 11, 2013
I Love the beautiful prints on the walls! Where can I find them!

  • PRO
    Carolina Design Associates, LLC
    These are from Wendover Art, which is available "to the trade" only. If you're interested in those prints or similar ones let us know.
cadiwoman wrote:July 13, 2013
Love the wall color...would it be to much to use with brown leather?

  • Sue Wille
    I love the wall color. Perfect
  • Sue Wille
    What color is the wall
Lisa Flinders wrote:July 17, 2013
K wrote:July 22, 2013
what color is the ceiling?

janine2 wrote:August 2, 2013
Where did you find that coffee table...Love it!

  • aryleentrainor
    i'm wondering where to get this coffee table as well
  • PRO
    Carolina Design Associates, LLC
    Hancock & Moore which is only available "to the trade" If you would like pricing feel free to reach out to us.
bethgwhite wrote:August 10, 2013
where did the armoire come from?

  • Lori Blair
    it looks like an Eddy West piece
  • Lori Blair
    they have great finishes and will do custom sizes
brittreese wrote:August 21, 2013
Where would I be able to find the chandelier?

marymleehome wrote:August 26, 2013
How high is this ceiling?

- How high is this ceiling?

Carrie Cheney wrote:September 8, 2013
lbbntea wrote:September 22, 2013
What manufacturer/brand are the windows?

cahabamama wrote:September 26, 2013
  • PRO
    Carolina Design Associates, LLC
    We order all of our artwork prints like these from several trade sources. Wendover Art is where these are from.
Karen Packer wrote:October 14, 2013
  • djrohrer
    tea chest sherwin williams found it
  • Tracy Justo
    What type of base board is this and size?
nuggett1 wrote:October 24, 2013
Where did you get the rug?

- Where is the rug from?

  • PRO
    Carolina Design Associates, LLC
    Actually this rug came from a local store. It was a one of a kind. Unfortunately the rug store is now closed.
jalancas wrote:November 30, 2013
Please identify the manufacturer and vendor of the sofa. Thanks!

  • PRO
    Carolina Design Associates, LLC
    This is a custom sofa from Hickory Chair. We are the vendor so feel free to reach out for a quote.
  • iveybmurdock
    Can you tell me the manufacturer and vendor for the club chairs?
changeusername wrote:December 14, 2013
Where are the jars/urns from?

- And what are their dimensions?

4busybody wrote:January 1, 2014
Love all of the artwork. What are your sources?

  • lmoreback
    Where is the art from on the larger wall to the right?
  • msf80

    Yes please!!! Who is the manufacturer for thr pics on thr right wall. Look very neutral and pretty. Would love to buy them for my family room:)

jackierigazio wrote:January 2, 2014
who makes the chandelier?

cmray78 wrote:January 3, 2014
Where is the armoire from?

- .

  • saydecorate
    How long ago was your purchase made?
  • susanrebecca
    I think in 2002
debster77 wrote:January 24, 2014
What paint color is used on the ceiling?

nbjones wrote:March 9, 2014
Who makes these chairs?

siragusam wrote:March 11, 2014
  • jz5600
    What color is this paint. I LOVE IT!
  • Elle nif

    What is this paint color....I would love to use it

Elizabeth Trimble wrote:March 24, 2014
    J M wrote:April 23, 2014
    What's the room size?

    - Room size please?

    Gloria Gonzalez-Rivas wrote:July 20, 2014
    is the brown wall faux finished?

    • Andrealoren13

      i love how everything flows. May i asked what color is the wall. I am in the process of selecting a color for my master bedroom.

      Thank you, Andrea

    • Janet
      The color of wall is under info about photo
    Shafs Kamil wrote:December 21, 2014
    sandrahmyers wrote:May 3, 2015
    robinpautz wrote:November 4, 2015
    What is the brown color used on the walls?

    Susan Davis wrote:January 20, 2016
    Paint color on wall? Could not find paint color other than brown.

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