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Small trendy side yard concrete paver and rectangular lap pool photo in Houston

Contemporary Landscape and Pool Lap Design

A family in West University contacted us to design a contemporary Houston landscape for them. They live on a double lot, which is large for that neighborhood. They had built a custom home on the property, and they wanted a unique indoor-outdoor living experience that integrated a modern pool into the aesthetic of their home interior. This was made possible by the design of the home itself. The living room can be fully opened to the yard by sliding glass doors. The pool we built is actually a lap swimming pool that measures a full 65 feet in length. Not only is this pool unique in size and design, but it is also unique in how it ties into the home. The patio literally connects the living room to the edge of the water. There is no coping, so you can literally walk across the patio into the water and start your swim in the heated, lighted interior of the pool. Even for guests who do not swim, the proximity of the water to the living room makes the entire pool-patio layout part of the exterior design. This is a common theme in modern pool design. The patio is also notable because it is constructed from stones that fit so tightly together the joints seem to disappear. Although the linear edges of the stones are faintly visible, the surface is one contiguous whole whose linear seamlessness supports both the linearity of the home and the lengthwise expanse of the pool. While the patio design is strictly linear to tie the form of the home to that of the pool, our modern pool is decorated with a running bond pattern of tile work. Running bond is a design pattern that uses staggered stone, brick, or tile layouts to create something of a linear puzzle board effect that captures the eye. We created this pattern to compliment the brick work of the home exterior wall, thus aesthetically tying fine details of the pool to home architecture. At the opposite end of the pool, we built a fountain into the side of the home's perimeter wall. The fountain head is actually square, mirroring the bricks in the wall. Unlike a typical fountain, the water here pours out in a horizontal plane which even more reinforces the theme of the quadrilateral geometry and linear movement of the modern pool. We decorated the front of the home with a custom garden consisting of small ground cover plant species. We had to be very cautious around the trees due to West U’s strict tree preservation policies. In order to avoid damaging tree roots, we had to avoid digging too deep into the earth. The species used in this garden—Japanese Ardesia, foxtail ferns, and dwarf mondo not only avoid disturbing tree roots, but they are low-growth by nature and highly shade resistant. We also built a gravel driveway that provides natural water drainage and preserves the root zone for trees. Concrete pads cross the driveway to give the homeowners a sure-footing for walking to and from their vehicles.

Small trendy side yard concrete paver and rectangular lap pool photo in Houston —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (8)

Jodie Mills wrote:June 20, 2013
farrengui wrote:June 28, 2013
  • PRO
    Exterior Worlds Landscaping & Design
    Our firm is a design-build firm. So the plans we create are only meant for our installation purposes. You can try Association of landscape architects for a design firm. Regarding your question about formula to calculating cost - typically we extrapolate cost from our historical projects to estimate the cost of future projects.
pattison_linda wrote:August 17, 2013
Beautiful and Peaceful

- This is so beautiful

Gayla Cuculic wrote:May 15, 2014
What is the color and type of plaster?

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    Exterior Worlds Landscaping & Design
    I am sorry i don't have the color selection available and i surely don't want to make a guess and send you in the wrong direction.
mich griffin wrote:August 10, 2014
Please provide info about the flagstone around pool. company? color?

Whitley Hunter wrote:October 6, 2014
brettcarter wrote:March 12, 2015
Great design/build! Any idea who makes the drains next to the pool?

  • PRO
    Exterior Worlds Landscaping & Design

    We made them custom for this project. If you need more information please don't hesitate to call our office. Thanks for your questions.

Jay Home wrote:April 17, 2017
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    Exterior Worlds Landscaping & Design

    We typically install misting systems or provided regular fogging. Both work really well but have their own disadvantages.

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