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Elegant bathroom photo in Minneapolis with a vessel sink and orange walls


Elegant bathroom photo in Minneapolis with a vessel sink and orange walls —  Houzz

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mbarri wrote:September 22, 2011
  • PRO
    Knight Construction Design Inc.
    The tile is from Tile x Design in Plymouth. It is the Salina series; wall tile is 9x12 Salina Beige and the floor tile is 12x12 Salina Rust.

    Thanks for the question!
  • nellymendez15
    What color is in the walls??
B L wrote:October 30, 2011
  • bailei13
    Also at Home Depot there is a similar vanity by Martha Stewart it is white.
  • hairrazors
    Can you tell me the exact dimensions of the vanity?
4theinnocent wrote:November 15, 2011
  • 4theinnocent
    Thanks Wendy! We are going to be remodeling our Master Bathroom next summer & I'm having the hardest time trying to decide what color to paint our bedroom and bathroom so they flow nicely together while leaving the bathroom somewhat neutral. Paint is such an easy thing to change that I thought the above color would allow me to use something I like while still being a little bit neutral!!! I appreciate your help!
  • PRO
    Knight Construction Design Inc.
    The color is tagged in the photo; it is Brandywine by Sherwin Williams. Thanks!
K E wrote:January 17, 2012
  • PRO
    Hillcrest Glass
    This shower could have been done in a much cleaner way. If the door was hinged to the tile on the right hand side there would be no need for a header across the top of the glass and the hinges wouldn't be in the center of the glass. Not sure why you would want to add all the metal when it's not structurally necessary?
  • PRO
    Hillcrest Glass
    Clear glass reflects light, shows off beautiful tile and is less expensive then patterned glass. Enduroshield or diamond shield are products that are put on at the tempering plant, they slough H2O off like rainex, 10 year warranty. It really depends on the minerals in your water as to how much the glass will show spots.
vhfamily wrote:January 29, 2012
  • PRO
    Knight Construction Design Inc.
    Sorry the homeowner found them on her own and I am not sure what they are!
  • Rich Johnson
    Hook is by Delta ( victorian series, same as the faucet )
Lindsay Kutac wrote:February 10, 2012
sylviasal wrote:April 1, 2012
Beautiful work! What in the Material of tile on floor and shower? Does it have a texture to it?

  • tileladychris
    Because of the darker tones in the tile, I would lean towards the SL83 the Marrone Chiaro from Daltile. I just think it is a prettier color. of the two.
  • Rich Johnson
    The problem with the Darker tones is that the paint is dark as well so you lose the dramatic effect of contrast between the paint and tile. Without this effect the blending of the two will have much less impact.
dewbeez wrote:May 9, 2012
room size

  • musaghani
    Great bathroom. What are the total dimensions of the bathroom?
  • ckfarrell
    What is the exact dimensions of this bathroom?
smokeykittycat wrote:May 31, 2012
Who makes the vessel sink? Love it.

Stephanie Martinez wrote:July 5, 2012
What is the reason for the difference in the wall depth on the left side of the shower?

demetrica wrote:August 1, 2012
  • Darla Johnson
    This is gorgeous:)would it work in a singlewide mobile home with knocking down wall and expend into bedroom to make bigger for a tub?
  • PRO
    Knight Construction Design Inc.
    Darla, it is hard to say unless i saw the floor plan. It probably isn't a great idea to shrink a bedroom to add a separate tub. I would stick with a tub/shower combo if that is your only bathroom. Thanks!
churwich wrote:August 13, 2012
Could you please tell me the name and manufacturer of the horizontal glass tile inset in the shower. Thanks!

  • PRO
    Very nice!
  • Helen Nicholson
    www.floorandecoroutlets.com search 12x12 glass tiles...one 12x12 of this runs about $10 and you can get 3' out of each 12x12.
Lois Ray wrote:August 21, 2012
Would it lower the value of my home if I took out a tub/shower combo and made just a shower like this?

  • bprince300
    Lois - Go for the function you need in the master and don't worry about resale. I know lots of middle agers that are opting for a big open walk-in shower only (no tub) in the master and putting a combo or separate bath and shower in their second baths. For this huge population of soon to be retirees, its not unusual to be a little more function minded when considering if they can age in place in their current homes. If/when you sell, have your agent list it as a 'spa' bathroom - the improvements will help sell the house.
  • PRO
    R Brand, Inc.

    From what we find as professional remodelers, as well as realtors, it is best to have a tub in the home. Even just 1 is fine, but some people won't even consider looking at a home without a tub. It's a gamble.

Carla Hutson wrote:September 3, 2012
are the shower doors sliding? what is the shower glass door size.

rusty2571 wrote:September 13, 2012
door opens...inward or outward?

  • PRO
    Knight Construction Design Inc.
    The door swings both ways...they do that in case someone falls inside the shower and blocks the door. In this case you would more than likely swing it out so it doesn't hit the shower head swinging in.
  • Yolonda Martin
    Wow....would assumed it would slide lol :D brilliant idea!
artisticfinewine wrote:September 15, 2012
What is the paint color

csulack wrote:October 7, 2012
Would it be possible to use a door similar to this on a tub/shower combo?

  • PRO
    Knight Construction Design Inc.
    You would have to check with your glass company to see if that would be possible. We used Minneapolis Glass for this application. Thank you!
  • PRO
    VanGo Shower Glass
    Yes, definitely. The only consideration is if it would be for bathing children, or if you have mobility issues. In that case try a single-panel tub/shower shield, or a rod-thru glass end panel. Contact me if you would like pictures.
goetzl wrote:October 11, 2012
What color is the stool ? What color are the cabinets

  • PRO
    Knight Construction Design Inc.
    The toilet is the Biscuit color from Gerber. The cabinets are an antique white. Thanks!
  • christy darden
    Is tha the antique white from Sherwin Williams? Thanks!
lisacapps wrote:October 20, 2012
Can you tell me where you found the light fixtures and the drawer pulls?

banerix wrote:November 11, 2012
  • Helen Nicholson
    since porcelain does not come in a lot of creative cuts just yet, this might be a travertine 1x1 thats found on a 12x12 mesh...you need 16 of these to do the shower floor. You can find some porcelains in smaller cuts just not as many like the natural stones have....
  • PRO
    Knight Construction Design Inc.
    This is actually a 2"x2" ceramic tile that is part of the Salina series used in this bathroom. They were purchased at Tile X Design in Plymouth, MN. Thanks!
lisacrogan wrote:November 17, 2012
I love the tile floor, where can I buy this?

bklkb2002 wrote:November 27, 2012
What brand is the countertop and color, thanks/

jamiediebold wrote:December 2, 2012
What color paint are the walls? Also where is the tile from and color? Thanks!

  • PRO
    Knight Construction Design Inc.
    Please see comments of other questions for this information. The paint color is also tagged on another photo. Thanks!
INDESIGN STUDIO wrote:December 19, 2012
What is the name and brand of sink?

eimankashif wrote:December 27, 2012
what is the size of the shower?

slynnk wrote:January 3, 2013
Can you please tell me the dimensions of this bathroom?

- Can you please tell me the dimensions of this bathroom?

  • slynnk
    thank you!
cseedle wrote:January 20, 2013
How would this paint color look with white tile and a butcher block countertop?

cseedle wrote:January 21, 2013
How would this color look in the master bath if the bedroom is med to dark purple?

  • googoomom
    Gray green is really lovely....The butcher block is throwing me off? Why keep it?
  • rkwantz
    hi, you are right..i decided to get rid of the butcher block top. now we are redoing the entire bathroom! way over budget of course!
jspellacy wrote:January 21, 2013
What is the width and length of this bathroom?

  • PRO
    Yarbro Home Improvement LLC
    Well done! This is a very common footprint in many homes here in the gr8 northwest. 5'w x 10 to 12 feet deep and almost always sandwiched by a room on either side. Question, was there, or has there ever been a window on the rear wall? Is that a exterior wall? Regardless, nice job!
  • PRO
    Knight Construction Design Inc.
    This particular bathroom is in a basement so there was no window, but I have seen this layout with windows in the shower before.
debjad123 wrote:February 12, 2013
What color paint is this

  • PRO
    Knight Construction Design Inc.
    SW7710 - Brandywine by Sherwin Williams
  • PRO
    Cleo Rose Sachets
    I love the color. Redoing a town house. I had the cheap moulded shower/tub ripped out an replaced with a custom shower (@ a budget) I may add. I came close to using this color but, I used Earth tone for the kitchen so went with Revere Pewter. Searching for my glass shower doors now.
jddriesen wrote:February 13, 2013
  • PRO
    Knight Construction Design Inc.
    Yes, this bathroom has a door. The photograph was basically taken at the entrance to the bath. It is personal preference on if you want a door on the bathroom or not. If your master bath is this size I would highly recommend keeping a door for privacy. Thanks!
pehoop wrote:February 16, 2013
  • christia3
    for both the floor and the shower - Thanks;)
  • lafayette2010
    what is the paint color on the wall? thanks
Beckie Cantwell wrote:March 6, 2013
LOVE this vanity. is it custom made or sold as a unit somewhere?

kortniz wrote:May 13, 2013
kortniz wrote:May 13, 2013
  • dsherer
    i can't find in the above comments, What is the name of the title used in the shower? Also, my wall are a med shade of beige. with this work with the title? i was thinking accenting with shades of orange rugs and towels. to add some color to the room. what do you think?
  • dsherer
    My cabinets are also oak in the bathroom.
kortniz wrote:May 13, 2013
kjspyksma wrote:May 20, 2013
What is the tile color on the floors and shower?

- What Salina series colors on shower walls and bathroom floor?

lioness0109 wrote:June 7, 2013
  • lioness0109
    Sorry- just saw the tag... thanks!
  • Gloria Garcia Harman
    Decolav...keep in mind their shipments take forever!
Michael Alexander wrote:June 11, 2013
  • Cyndi Wyatt
    thanks so much Rich. again, your remodel looks so good.
  • lawson1995
    Rich, you're bathroom looks amazing! Did you buy the cabinets mentioned or did you paint an existing cabinet? And if you painted, what color?
Amanda Fall wrote:July 22, 2013
Where are the hooks from on the opp wall of sink?

- I love the hooks and the wood they are on. Where did you purchase it?

  • PRO
    Knight Construction Design Inc.
    Hi! The homeowner actually purchased the hooks and I don't know where she got them and we had the wood custom made and painted to match the cabinetry. Sorry!
  • Jimmy Taylor
    What is the exact size of this bathroom?
Colleen wrote:July 28, 2013
Nice bathroom! Who makes the sconce?

algamblin wrote:August 4, 2013
    peachty wrote:August 25, 2013
    are the fixtures brown or black?

    - N/a

    • PRO
      Knight Construction Design Inc.
      William Newsome the vanity was custom made for that particular client/space. Thank you!
    • PRO
      Value Cabinets LLC
      Beautiful Work, Treat it with Rainguard Water Proofer to eliminate mold and mildew, soap scum and calcium, we treat all our tile and grout with the Rainguard Water Proofer Home Care Kit
    adonnamous wrote:September 10, 2013
    Beautiful! Do you know who manufactrs the sconces? Thank you.

    • Franklin La Mountain
      Where did you get that towel hook from?
    • kritterchap
      What are the dimensions of the bathroom?
    eepinannap wrote:September 19, 2013
    How long is the countertop?

    - Thanks.

    mungymom wrote:September 20, 2013
    eskcs wrote:October 3, 2013
    • PRO
    • phenie53
      I think it's that computer monitors do not reproduce colors correctly. I recently used Brandywine in an office, and it does not look like this photo at all; it's more orange. The swatch appears almost brown, but on a wall, it's a very attractive muted rust-orange.
    tnylashinco wrote:October 23, 2013
    what did the tile in shower and floor cost? I am at Bellingham, WA.

    • PRO
      Knight Construction Design Inc.
      You will need to have a local tile setter give you a price for your space. Good Luck! Thanks!
    • lauriewhincup
      Can I use mavues or pinks with this color of tile
    myxtesu wrote:October 25, 2013
    • kriskrafter

      I loved this bathroom so much that I copied it - Here is our version:

    • pioneerhouse

      This is my version...Love it.

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