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Inspiration for a timeless travertine tile drop-in bathtub remodel in Philadelphia

Uniquely Transitional Bathroom Remodel

Classic Travertine Mocha Onyx Travertine Photo Courtesy of Creative Remodeling and Design http://creativerd.com/

Inspiration for a timeless travertine tile drop-in bathtub remodel in Philadelphia —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (41)

ldmcd wrote:October 14, 2011
arro wrote:January 20, 2012
  • lefty47
    So true on the info - but above all DON'T put in anything that is angled into the corners - promise ?
  • malise
    why not on the angled comment??? Can you angle a small footed tub?
ornus wrote:February 6, 2012
patdries wrote:March 8, 2012
  • PRO
    StoneMar Natural Stone Company LLC
    The countertop is a granite. However, we did not supply the countertop for this project so I am unsure of the name. I believe it was a stock piece that came with the vanity. Thank you for your question, and good luck with your project.
kathydowling wrote:March 10, 2012
  • PRO
    StoneMar Natural Stone Company LLC
    I agree that they appear to be brushed nickel finish. However, I do not know what manufacturer these fixtures are made by. The fixtures for this project were externally sourced by the client and their contractor ( http://creativerd.com/).
eliset wrote:March 16, 2012
What are the measurements for this shower door?

  • PRO
    StoneMar Natural Stone Company LLC
    I believe that this client probably wanted the extra privacy when they were showering, or perhaps they preferred the look of symmetry.
  • debradiller
    I love everything about this!!!!!! Could do with some more room and no tub, but the step in shower with the rain feature is amazing!
Peggy Selvey wrote:April 24, 2012
danamolson wrote:August 2, 2012
What color paint did you use?

  • PRO
    StoneMar Natural Stone Company LLC

    The homeowner provided the paint in the project, but our Mocha Onyx mosaics (used here as accent) look really nice with sage green tones, which is something like what the homeowner chose.
jmd17 wrote:October 8, 2012
What are the dimensions of this shower?

  • PRO
    StoneMar Natural Stone Company LLC
    Since we did not design this project (we only provided the tile), I do not know exactly, but it looks like it is around 5' x 5'. Thank you for your question.
  • jrchase
    what is the width of the door and side walls?
lizchaffin1 wrote:October 21, 2012
is there a curb on the shower?

  • PRO
    StoneMar Natural Stone Company LLC
    There is a curb, which you can see in other photos of the space:
    Transitional Bathroom Remodel · More Info
    The curb is made of classic travertine, to match the surrounding tile. Thank you for your question.
goldfish030 wrote:November 16, 2012
  • amandagesme
    how toxic is the sealer?
  • PRO
    StoneMar Natural Stone Company LLC
    It is a chemical and so it should be treated. Keep it away from the children and be careful when applying it not to have contact with your eyes but once you apply it on the wall and the surface absorbs it, it is perfectly safe to touch the surface.
dorisabarbuto1977 wrote:December 6, 2012
can you do this shower in cultured marble how would it look

Ken Lord wrote:February 1, 2013
I have a similar shower like this.Is green rainforest countertop will look good?

  • Ken Lord
    thanks. I have not install the mirror in yet. I feel like it missing something.
  • Ken Lord
    I don't have the dimensions on this shower
sherryann mohammed wrote:February 17, 2013
what is the size of bathtub

bydunlap wrote:February 21, 2013
Could you tell me what the estimated cost is to do a shower with tile like this one? Thank you.

  • heyjeni
    Bo, we live in Menlo Park and are interested in similar shower, though a bit more narrow. Would be interested in estimate. Can do some work own too to bring down cost.
  • PRO
    Bo Gustincic, Residential Cost Estimator
    Hi Heyeni, you can call me to set up a meeting. Contact info is on my houzz website.
Monica Grubin wrote:March 14, 2013
lilburke wrote:June 4, 2013
Hi there, what is the with of the Travertine on the shower wall?Thank You LIL

  • Makayla Matzen
    Great job on the tile work. It is beautiful!! Can you please tell me how high up the wall you went with the 12"x24" tile before the separating trim tile? Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.
  • Makayla Matzen
    Also, can you give me the dimensions of the strips of mosaic tile band, the large center mosaic area and the smaller diameter mosaic tile band? Do not need the info on the mosaic floor. Thanks so much. :)
umafaye wrote:June 23, 2013
What color is the grout ?

  • umafaye
    By off white do you mean standard white or do you mean ivory - those seem to be the two off white grouts that aren't bright white.
  • PRO
srdavis52 wrote:July 9, 2013
What is the paint color in the sink area?

  • PRO
    StoneMar Natural Stone Company LLC
    Yes it is Sherwin Williams SW 6163 Grassland.
    good luck!
  • Gail Colwick
    Ancient Marble by SW is also a very pale, relaxing green color. You can buy a sample.
legacybda wrote:July 20, 2013
  • PRO
    StoneMar Natural Stone Company LLC
    Hello, the molding is a mocha onyx chair rail. You are welcome to come and visit us in our showroom in Cherry Hill to view it in person.
    Thank you and have a wonderful day.
camedl wrote:September 19, 2013
Is the floor shower tile and shower wall tile the same?the

socdoc2005 wrote:December 4, 2013
What size is the shower- I live in Arkansas.

- Please include the height.

Renée Mitchell wrote:December 16, 2013
what is the brand and color of countertop?

  • PRO
    StoneMar Natural Stone Company LLC
    Hello, this is a granite and the name is crema bordeaux. I wish you and your family happy holidays!
carlockh wrote:March 7, 2014
dreamycc wrote:June 8, 2014
romieva wrote:October 27, 2014
lucymalone wrote:January 13, 2015
Was the glass notched for trav pencils or were the pencils notched?

  • Valentina Urban
    hello, the pencils were. have a great day.
Nancy Gould wrote:January 20, 2015
  • Valentina Urban
    Hello, i am not sure what brand was the shower system as it was purchased by the client, but most places would have a system like that Ferguson, home Depot, Lowes.
    Have a good day.
jrdr653 wrote:February 1, 2015
Do you need to worry about steam on the ceiling or is it protected, ca

  • Valentina Urban
    if you have a good ventilation system (fan or window) you will be fine but tiling also the ceiling will prevent any mold or chipping of the paint issues for sure.
    Hope this helps. Valentina
reedmatt wrote:March 18, 2015
Is the wall that has the shower head an exterior wall?

solitro5 wrote:March 19, 2015
What sizes are the travertine tiles in the shower? Beautiful job!

jimjana wrote:April 1, 2015
  • PRO
    StoneMar Natural Stone Company LLC

    Hello, the height is 42" and the length about 36"/38" .

    The glass you can purchase at any custom glass store in your town, they will come out after all the tile work is done and measure and then install it for you.

    I hope this helps, good luck on your project.

ebacchus wrote:May 4, 2015
Who is the guy in the window?

- Cameraman?

mrd2004 wrote:May 19, 2015
nnasrallah wrote:June 17, 2015
  • krugkeeper
    There is a hook in this photo -- upper left.
  • luwangna

    How big is this bathroom?

enellas wrote:August 11, 2015
What was the paint shade used on the walls?

loves2read wrote:September 6, 2015
Lora Potts wrote:January 7, 2016
janetruetz wrote:February 23, 2016
what are the shower dementions

Andi Maldonado wrote:September 14, 2018
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