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Bathroom - traditional kids' bathroom idea in DC Metro with a trough sink and blue walls


Bathroom - traditional kids' bathroom idea in DC Metro with a trough sink and blue walls —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (23)

Joni Griffin-Thogmartin wrote:April 8, 2013
Color on walls and sink?

    mbpaddon wrote:May 12, 2013
    Where did you find this medicine cabinet?

    - It looks great!!

    theglenstore wrote:June 4, 2013
    How did you get the Brockway sink drilled that way for normal fixtures?

    - Usually it comes predrilled for a very specialized faucet only made by Kohler. Looks really lovely!

    • PRO
      The Block Builders Group
      The sink in the picture is not a Kohler product. It is an antique sink found in a salvage yard.
    • Veda Wolfe

      Good for Reduce /Reuse /Recycle concept!

    azitajoon wrote:June 10, 2013
    What is the name and brand of the wall color?

      mbpaddon wrote:August 31, 2013
      What are the dimensions of the medicine cabinet?

      - Thanks

      • PRO
        The Block Builders Group
        This is a field built custom medicine cabinet. the dimensions are approximately 48 inches wide by 30 inches tall.
      mikey1011 wrote:March 25, 2014
      What brand and model number is this sink? I would love to find it.

      • Angela Mechaley
        Hey Block Builders, can you elaborate a bit on the p-trap fitting? I'm trying to make a smaller cast-iron service sink (e.g. Kohler's Bannon or American Standard's Akron/Lakewell) work in a powder bath... Kohler & the distributor haven't been much help thus far. They only recommend their giant 2" or 3" floor-mount P-trap. Obviously, it's been done otherwise. :) The drain hole is 2 7/8". Did you use some sort of adapter to go from the large drain hole to the standard 1 1/2"/1 1/4" fittings? I'd appreciate any help. Good work by the way. Thanks!
      • PRO
        The Block Builders Group
        The key is the drain fitting, not the p-trap. If you find a drain that fits, then the p-trap can be fitted to it. the sink in this picture was likely 100 years old and was bought at a salvage yard so we had to find fittings that worked. In our project it was driven by getting a drain first and then fitting everything else to that.
      Velana Colon wrote:June 9, 2014
      Where did you buy this sink?

      • PRO
        The Block Builders Group
        The sink was found in a salvage yard. We refinished it and found lav sets and drains to fit it.
      Nancy Budde wrote:July 17, 2014
      How do you attach a cast iron sink to a wall like this and give it eno

      • Nancy Budde
        Thank you!
      • rjevans12

        Do you know the paint color for this bathroom?
        Randi Siegal

      kapri wrote:September 11, 2014
      leahdidriksen wrote:October 22, 2014
      Where is the medicines a inert from

      • PRO
        The Block Builders Group
        The medicine cabinets were custom built on the job for this project. All wood with glass shelving inside and plate glass mirrors on the doors.
      gupang wrote:December 9, 2014
        stacgorm wrote:January 2, 2015
          Angela Mechaley wrote:January 5, 2015
          • kimmyr315

            We haven't had any issues, though the trap where it fits into the drain is really kind of rigged up. If you look closely underneath the sink you can see that it's not the right fit but it works fine and doesn't leak. It's not a bathroom that we use very often so I think it's fine and the plumber put his full weight on it after mounting it but I'm still nervous about it all the time! But I'm happy we did it cause it looks awesome! Good luck!

          • PRO
            The Block Builders Group
            The sink that we installed in the picture that has generated all of these inquiries in supported by the wall behind it. We installed structural framing along with steel to carry the weight. The p- trap does not support any weight. All of these sinks should be supported by the wall that they sit against. They typically come with clips and/or angles along with instructions on installation. A normal interior wall will not support such a sink; additional framing is needed. Unless you have a floor mounted steel or cast iron drain that is designed to also serve as a structural element, your drain or p-trap will not support the weight of the sink.
          langenam wrote:January 17, 2015
          what height are the lights from the floor?

          langenam wrote:January 17, 2015
          Love the lights, can you please tell me where they're from?

          • langenam

            What is the height of the Wainscoting & the sink'?

          • PRO
            The Block Builders Group

            The wainscot is 42 inches tall. the sink was mounted so that the outside edge is 36 inches above the floor.

          Sarah wrote:June 14, 2015
          • PRO
            Wm. H. Fry Construction Company

            The Kohler Brockway sink comes with a bottom in cast iron black and it can be painted later. Your best bet for getting it right is to hire an experienced painter.

          • PRO
            The Block Builders Group

            The sink in the picture is not a Kohler product, nor is Fry authorized to respond to your question since they did not have anything to do with the project. The sink in the project in the picture was found in a salvage yard; it is probably 80 to 100 years old. It had to be stripped and have an enamel coating applied to both the interior of the sink and the bottom in order to get the proper finish as you see pictured. This type of work and finish is typically done in a shop that specializes in industrial coatings.

          langenam wrote:October 10, 2015
            ellenwoodworth wrote:December 3, 2015
            What is the paint color??

              Madeleine Bonneviot wrote:March 17, 2016
              • PRO
                The Block Builders Group

                We had a drain custom made for the hole, which is what you may need to do. Otherwise there are plenty of online plumbing supply sites that sell a large variety of drains, and you may find one that works going through those sites.

              Bonnie Kleiman wrote:April 7, 2016
              • PRO
                The Block Builders Group

                The sink in the picture was found at a salvage yard so it is more or less one of a kind. If there is a salvage business in your area that specializes in vintage, reclaimed and salvage fixtures from older homes, that would be your best resource. There are also some internet companies that sell vintage looking fixtures where you could find something that you like as well


              • Bonnie Kleiman

                thanks for writing!!!

              Ashley St Pierre wrote:April 12, 2016
              What color blue is the wall painted?

                kathleenjpeng wrote:June 7, 2016
                • PRO
                  The Block Builders Group

                  The medicine cabinet was custom built in the field. It is indeed recessed into the wall. It was sized to work with the dimension of the reclaimed sink below it.

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