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Example of an eclectic home design design in Philadelphia

Big Round Pizza Box Office

This home office was designed to be fun and inspiring. The room is filled with DIY projects including recycled white end tables, recycled art work and bulletin board using a frame from MOMA. The wall pattern was based on a gigantic pizza box I cut into a circle. See how it was done on my blog under DIY Ideas- www.loveyourroom.blogspot.com. The coffee table is a mid century modern antique, and the sofa and desk are from IKEA.

Example of an eclectic home design design in Philadelphia —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (5)

Nicole Bloch wrote:April 13, 2011
  • PRO
    Shoshana Gosselin
    For the circles I created a circle stencil out of a very big pizza box. I have complete directions for this on my blog www.loveyourroom.blogspot.com. It is on the rte side menu under DIY Projects. ;)
  • PRO
    Ronique & Co.
    How creative! I love those! :)
Nanette Baker, Interior Design Consultant wrote:May 14, 2011
Jennifer Mills wrote:July 26, 2011
  • Jennifer Mills
    We are still in Italy - roughly 18 months to go. It will be so hard to leave, but we are hoping to make our way back to PA when the time comes. I'm not working while we're here, but am still immersed in creative arts... Great work on here. So crazy that I would run into it so randomly!!!!!
  • PRO
    Shoshana Gosselin
    Keep in touch!
Robin Evers wrote:January 4, 2014
Where did you find the wall paper?

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