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Staircase - modern wooden staircase idea in Seattle

Lake House Two - Stair

Photo: Ben Benschneider

Staircase - modern wooden staircase idea in Seattle —  Houzz

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This photo has 13 questions

dzozefina wrote:January 15, 2012
  • PRO
    Chimenti Studios
    What type of Venetian Plaster?
  • PRO
    McClellan Architects
    The venetian plaster used is a standard mix but was applied in several directions which gives the unique appearance. Jergens Painting in Seattle was the installer, they can give you more specifics.
darekjan wrote:April 17, 2012
chucenuce wrote:August 6, 2012
Are the side of the stairs metal? Or is that painted? I absolutely love all of your work!

  • PRO
    McClellan Architects
    Hi There,
    Thank you for the lovely compliment. The stair stringer is blackened steel ( a chemical finishing process). The wall behind is venetian plaster with a raking light that gives the wall an amazing glow.
  • PRO
    Solcorp Developments
    Can the chemical finishing process be done after the stairs are manufactured?
Best Carpenters LLC wrote:December 7, 2012
how can I achieve the look of this VP? How is that technique called? Where can I get a tutorial to learn it?

- I like the look of that VP. Would love to learn how to do it. I even can pay for the online tutorials...

  • PRO
    McClellan Architects
    That would be question for the installer - Jergens Painting LLC. It's an art form, good luck!
tygerlily5 wrote:February 3, 2013
What company can do this type of staircase for me and what would be the approximate cost of it.?

  • PRO
    McClellan Architects
    This is a custom designed an fabricated staircase. Your best bet is to work with a designer, structural engineer, and contractor to achieve a similar staircase. From their design, the contractor would be able to give you accurate pricing. It was definitely a labor of love.
Bogner Development wrote:March 11, 2013
Who was the supplier of the glass support brackets and handrailing system-it's very neat.

  • PRO
    Bogner Development
    Thanks on the answer-you did a great job on them. Can you share the name of the fabricator?
  • PRO
    McClellan Architects
    I don't have a record of this particular fabricator - he was a subcontractor. But here is a name of another fabricator that could produce the same level of work.

    Michael Rydinski
    Decorative Metal Arts - Seattle.
macachristen wrote:May 21, 2013

- Escalera

  • PRO
    McClellan Architects
    Hi, I'm not sure I understand the question.
  • PRO
    VC Studio Inc.
    It looks like they were confused and were trying to add your photo to their category "stairs/staircase", or "escalera" in Spanish.
    Nice escalera by the way :-)
    I like the wall as well. I did a wall finish about ten years ago with a similar concept but using a plaster and a custom fabricated notch trowel. It was based on a finish at a chapel on the Seattle University campus. It's worth stopping in to see if you're ever in that area.

    Vincent Cathcart
    VC Studio Inc.
galvan2009 wrote:June 20, 2013
  • PRO
    McClellan Architects
    Hi, Was this question for the general forum? I think you can use curtains and shutters together. I would pick curtains that compliment your furniture and walls with a simple pattern or just plain.
  • miacometlady
    I went back to your original post from June 20th on this same question that included a picture of your plantation shutters. I would not add drapes. If you open shutters they will open onto drapes.
Solcorp Developments wrote:August 6, 2013
Can the blackening process be done after manufacturing the steel?

  • PRO
    McClellan Architects
    Hi, I am not a steel finishing expert, but I believe the blackening process is applied after the steel is fabricated. In some projects they have even applied it on site. Thanks,
Hoopoe wrote:February 25, 2014
What is the finish on the wall? It is beautiful.

  • PRO
    McClellan Architects
    Thank you! The finish is venetian plaster and it gets the gold glow from the light fixture above.
mihai_rs wrote:August 10, 2015
  • mihai_rs

    I don't know how to edit the title of this question, but it was supposed to be "How is the wood tread connected to the steel frame"?

  • PRO
    McClellan Architects

    Hi, this is a very complex stair to build. There is a steel frame that the wood treads and risers sit on. If you send me an email at info@mccarch.com with this question I can give you a more detailed explanation. Thanks,

Handyman Services Malta wrote:April 7, 2018
what method was used?

- What methods was used?

  • PRO
    McClellan Architects

    The stair wall is finished in a Venetian plaster texture, installed by a local artisan.

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Lighting looks good for evening. Wonder how the design would look in the day time.

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