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Living room - contemporary living room idea in New York with white walls
Rikki Snyder
9 Reviews

Huniford Design Studio, Getaway to the 2013 Holiday House Hamptons

Photo: Rikki Snyder © 2013 Houzz

Living room - contemporary living room idea in New York with white walls —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (3)

rtschlenk wrote:November 27, 2013
Where are the bowl and its stand from?

    japesk wrote:February 7, 2014
    What is the large fig like plant on the left?

    • susura
      That's a Kalanchoe beharensis (felt Kalanchoe, elephant ear kalanchoe, etc.). Awesome and gorgeous in person, more than you can see in the photo. EXPENSIVE even when small -- this one undoubtedly cost hundreds, maybe low thousands.
    • afreshpairofeyes
      Kalanchoe is readily available and inexpensive here in Florida
    Rebecca Parker wrote:April 21, 2015
    What type of blinds are used here?

    • PRO

      These are roller shades with a light filtering fabric. They aren't sheer, but still let in a lot of natural light. The shades below are have a slight pattern, but this line has a solid white as well.

      Blinds.com Architectural Roller Shades in Magnolia Powder · More Info

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